Your Chance To Buy A PS4 GayStation Edition

The term “GayStation” is often used as a derogatory term towards the PlayStation brand by fanboys of a different console, it’s silly and childish, but its all part of fanboyism and is just the same as PS fanboys calling an Xbox One “Xbone”.

However this derogatory term towards PlayStation has been turned around and made into something awesomely positive.

Webhallen in collaboration with RFSL are auctioning a custom painted PS4 and all proceeds of the auction will go to RFSL Newcomers:

Newcomers is a network for LGBTQ Refugees and LGBTQ Migrants
RFSL Stockholm’s Newcomers group invites you to a meeting place and a network for LGBTQ refugees and LGBTQ migrants who have fled persecution based on sexual orientation,gender identity or gender expression. Newcomers is also a network for LGBTQ persons who have just moved to or already live in Sweden because of other reasons.

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You can grab the custom PS4 here.


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