Xbox 360 System Update 2.0.17349.0 Released

Microsoft have released a system update for the Xbox 360, which adds support for 2TB HDD‘s:


OS version: 2.0.17349.0

DASHBOARD: 2.0.17349.0

Release date
New or updated features
Larger external USB hard drives

  • Plug in any external USB hard drive up to 2 TB to store your Xbox 360 downloads, profile, saved games, and other data.
  • If you previously set up an external USB hard drive that’s larger than 32 GB, you’ll need to reformat the drive to use the additional space.

Purchase history

  • You can now see your recent purchases on your Xbox 360. To view, go to Settings > Account > Purchase History.

Password reset

  • Forgot your password? You can now reset it on your Xbox 360 by selecting Forgot your password? at sign-in.

Network statistics

  • To see network statistics such as download speed, upload speed, and signal strength, go to Settings > System > Network Settings. Select your network, and then choose Network Statistics.

See your money

Your Microsoft account balance now appears in the top-right corner of the Xbox Dashboard. To turn it off, go to Settings > Profile > Account Security, and then choose Display Money in Microsoft Account



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