[W.I.P] PS3 XMB Modifier V2.0 And More

Some future releases/work TheDarkprogramer is planning to do, here is a quote from his thread:

Hello guys so today im gonna let u in on a few of my latest projects

update 1

There is only one update needed lol

PS3 XMB Modifier

Update includes support for all languages

Update has more stability

Update includes text art

new projects

These are still a work in project so please be patient

PS2 Classics Downloader

This will be a program that lets u download custom ps2 classic pkg’s to enjoy on your ps3 with newer non cobra firmwares

U will also be able to add your own created pkgs to the database Smile

PSP Remasters and Minis Downloader

Same as PS2 Classics Downloader but will be a separate database

PS3 Toolbox

A little new foe me but what the heck

A joint project from me and @cerberus @KTD @MBLK

Rebug toolbox basicly but without thw check if it is rebug firmware Smile

more in the red hat coming soon

PS3 Scene we will make u live again ~ @TheDarkprogramer

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