VHBL Exploit For 3.36 Finally Public!

Yeah, I suck at writing news, but greg seems passed out in a ditch somewhere.

Anyway, an exploit for the latest OFW for the Vita(3.36 at this moment) have finally been released to the humble public.

VHBL Exploit For 3.36

Its been known for quite a while that VHBL have been working on 3.3x FW, but until now all the public has gotten is tease videos. Its nice to see they finally decided to share the exploit

For this to work you will need 2(!) games for the Vita(technically the PSP but.. yeah).

The most important game is Patapon 2. You can not pirate this game, or use any other sneaky method. It must be BOUGHT from PSN store. Its supposed to work on both EU and US version, as well as JP. I myself have only tested EU.

You will also need a base game. The selection is quite large here, according to Z pretty much any game that wasnt on that giant leak last year(all of which has obviously been patched and/or removed by sony) should work.

Read the thread at wololo.net for more details, Im still too noob to actually try to make sense of it lol. But I can confirm that VHBL loads fine on 3.36 on a never-before-exploited Vita 2000

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