US PS Store Vs EU PS Store

I was inspired to write this because of a question @Lucif3r asked on this weeks US PS Store Update Thread.

Back when I first got my PS3, my first account was a UK account, it is the region I live in and where I am from, but after several months, i created a US PSN account, I think at the time it was to try the US PS Home closed beta and after browsing the US store i noticed that games were considerably cheaper on it than on the UK store.

At that time there was no financial crisis and UK currency was half that of US currency, for example £50 was worth $100 or slightly more.

Meaning great savings for me, for instance, if i added £50 to my UK account, i could buy one game, but with that same £50 on my US account i could buy two games.

Then the recession hit, for some reason i created a new US PSN account, I cannot remember the reason for it, but I shared my account with my best friend @NeoSabin and his girlfriend and even though the currency rates were not the same after the recession, it was still easier and cheaper for me to keep a US account.

Now if i was just starting my PlayStation journey, i think my first choice would be the UK/EU store and not for its price, but its content, but as im not starting it, i will remain using my US account until the PlayStation Network no longer exists, below i will give some examples of differences between US and UK stores:

When it comes to price, i still think at the current exchange rates and deflation etc, the US store is still financially more suitable:

Take for example these games:


  • US – $59.99 = £37.19
  • UK – £49.99 = $80.62

So if I use my US PSN account, I save about £12.80

1 Year PS Plus:

  • US – $49.99 = £30.98
  • UK – £39.99 = $64.51

So buying a US PS+ account instead of a UK one saves me around £9.01

I know all those small numbers might not be much, but say i buy 3 game on the PS Store, i save almost £40, which is the price of another game.

Then we come to content and this is where the EU store beats the crap out of the US store.

The EU store has so much more retro PlayStation games than the US does and all the EU PS1 games play on the PS Vita, but only about half the US PS1 games play on the Vita.

On the same topic of the Vita, i think, though i may be wrong, but the EU store is better for the exploits that give you eCFW.

As i said, i will remain with my US PSN account, i still have the UK one if i ever need it for my PS3 or PS4, though as the Vita has the inability to change accounts, i won’t ever use my UK account on that.

So i hope that answers any questions you have in your head regarding the differences between the US and UK/EU PSN accounts.

I think this is officially the longest thread i have written on the forum Smile

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