[Tutorial] How To Install Spoof 4.76 On ANY CFW

The below tutorial and video were posted by and belong to zapptheman


Step 1: Download the package from here or here or for the Brewology link
Step 2: Copy the <SEN Enabler v5.9.0 [CEX-DEX].pkg> to your usb of choice or to the package folder on the ps3
Step 3: Install the package from the install package files menu
Step 4: Open the package from the xmb, it should be named <GT Academy 2013> 
Step 5: When the app is open if the update log file is presented then press :4b5c3659c3351809: otherwise when at the main menu, press –> then V to (SEN/PSN Options) to open the sen/options menu
Step 6: press :4b5c3659c3351809:  for “Enable/Disable SEN access” then :4b5c3659c3351809: once again to spoof to 4.76 (if you wish to spoof to different version the select it in the other menu for whatever option you wish to spoof to) (WARNING: DO NOT SPOOF TO 9.99 IF YOU WISH TO PLAY ONLINE, SPOOF TO 4.76 FOR ONLINE)
Step 7: Wait for the process to complete, it may take a moment or two
Step 8: Reboot the system
Step 9: play online :rotflmao:
Step 10: have fun guys and stay tuned for more :Sleazy Smiley:

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