[Tutorial] How to use FTP with fixed debug settings

You need: fixed ftp payload with full debug settings ps4 on 1.76
pc to send the payload
netcat/netcat gui
HxD or hexeditor of choice
This follows the same way of the previous tutorials so i’ll just make this simple.
Before sending the payload, hexedit it to add your IP.
Search for

replace it with your ps4 IP:

and just send it with netcat
You should have FTP working then.
Everything else is the same for CTurt payloads.
You get spoof to 5.00 firmware, FTP now allows you to dump crypt and cryptx partitions, as well as other things like iccnvs and Debug Settings are fully working (using Devkit Target ID)

Visit the forum for more help:
[Tutorial] How to use FTP with fixed debug settings

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