[Tutorial] How to Play Minecraft Trial on your Retail PS4 (POC)

Minecraft Patch
Kernel Hooks Payload
CUSA00265 decrypted eboot named as eboot_dec.bin
CUSA00265 filesystem (minus sce_modules)
The Playroom encrypted sce_modules
Playground that supports Code Exec and Elf Loader / Extreme-modding.de playground / etc
Filezilla Client (Transfer mode MUST be binary)


1- Create Folder in data folder named app2 (with ftp payload, binary mode always, NOT ascii)
2- Put in Folder original sce_modules from playroom (encrypted, not modified)
3- Put eboot_plugin in folder
4- Put eboot_dec.bin (from game we want to use, in this case, Minecraft Trial CUSA00265)
5- Put game files and folders (from game we want to use)
6- Reboot to clean memory from previous ftp payload patches
7- Execute kernel_hook payload (socat -u FILE:kernel_hooks TCP:my.ps4.ip:5054). Note that this is hitodama
8- Run listener to grab logs (nc my.ps4.ip 5088). You should see some logs on it
9- Minimize browser with PS Button
10- Run Playroom. Instead of the usual app, Minecraft Trial version should show up.


This is only a POC, so treat it as such
Most games SHOULD work with this method, but each and everyone of them will require a "patch" (i call it like that because it's the file that allows the eboot to run)
Additionally, games that require modules besides libc and/or libSceFios2 will most likely not work, at least for now.
Homebrew DOES work with this method, but as you can see from the SDKs available (the open source ones) there is no Graphics API whatsoever. This method however supports hitodama compiled ELFs.
As for credits/source code, we're still discussing the best way to release this without any lawsuit from Sony (not that they're very interested in 1.76 but whatever...)

The next game that we're working on is P.T. Some people are also working on homebrew. Hopefully that'll happen soon, but until then, STOP ASKING!
In the meantime, maybe there'll be a source release on how to do the eboot_plugin "patches". Just be patient  Video:

Visit the forum for more help:
[Tutorial] How to Play Minecraft Trial on your Retail PS4 (POC)

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