[Tutorial] How To Download Legal Torrents On PS3

I’m sure there have been times when a spouse or friend is using your computer and you just want to grab a brand new copy of Ubuntu, but all you have is your PS3 and you want to grab the latest Ubuntu torrent and download, here is how to do it on your PS3 :)

First thing, make sure you have some sort of External FAT32 Storage connected, like a FAT32 formatted thumb drive.
On your PS3′s Browser

  1. Press Triangle, go to the menu called File, select it, then select Address Entry
  2. Enter http://zbigz.com/ into the URL space.
  3. Press L3, the press triangle and choose open new window
  4. Once there choose a site that has a torrent, like http://www.Ubuntu.com entering that address into the URL bar.
  5. Go to download, then click on Ubuntu Desktop, then go scroll down until you see alternate options, click the link.
  6. Find the Ubuntu version you would like to download, once you have found it, hover the mouse icon over the link.
  7. Press Triangle, go to the menu that says File, select it, then go down to where it says Copy Address Of This Link and press X
  8. Press L3 to go back to the page which has http://zbigz.com/ on it and paste the link into the section provided.
  9. Press go and wait for the download link.
  10. When the dialogue pops up select your external storage device and press start, that will start it downloading.

If my tutorial wasn’t quite plain enough
Here is a video showing you what to do:

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