[Tutorial] How To Deactivate All PS3, PSP, PS Vita, PS4 Consoles

Ok this is a tutorial i wrote a while back, as it is mine and was written by me, i have every right to liberate it from the other site.

Also this tutorial is old, but it was only for the PS3 and PSP consoles at the time, i am reposting it for the PS Vita and PS4 people, anyhow, here it is:

This wont be important for everyone, or it might be more important than you think.
Previously when you wanted to deactivate a games console from PSN, you needed to do it via the console itself, now this was not possible, if you have a Jailbroken console as you wont be able to connect to PSN, or if your console is broke, or if you have game shared with someone, you cant very well go to their house and deactivate their console from your account.

This situation with accounts, became even more problematic, when Sony dropped the allowed PSN account slots/shares that one is allowed, from five to two, previously, the only way to get all consoles/slots cleared was to ring Sony, but since they dropped the amount of slots, they now allow you to do it via your computer, here is how, thanks to a video tutorial by HolmesInFive.

First go to this link and sign in, then follow the video tutorial:

Again to clarify why this might be important to you, as Sony changed the amount of shareable slots on a PSN account from five to two.

  • Your console is broken, so you obviously cant connect to PSN to deactivate.
  • You have a Jailbroken console, so cant connect to PSN to deactivate.
  • You remained on firmware 3.15 to keep the OtherOS function, Sony has barred your access to PSN.
  • You have game shared and the other people wont deactivate, also helps with those scammed through game sharing.
  • You are getting a Vita and want to deactivate a slot, but cant do because of one of the above.
  • You want to deactivate all consoles at once.
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