This tutorial was originally written on the forum back in January 2021, during Covid lockdowns, but it still applies now we no longer have to suffer these horrible things.

Many places such as UK and Ireland have gone into lockdown, with schools closing and lessons going online, sadly not everyone has a PC or laptop so won’t be able to do online lessons, laptops and PC’s are expensive, but games consoles can be gotten quite cheap, especially second hand and these can be used to access online learning.

Compatible models:
Xbox One
Xbox One S
Xbox One S Digital
Xbox One X

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series S

PS4 Slim
PS4 Pro

The PS5 and PS5 Digital do not have a dedicated web browser application, but can be tricked into using it, however I am not sure how well this will work.

Here are the steps:
1.) Plugin a USB keyboard into the USB port of your console, you can use the supplied control pad but a keyboard will make life so much easier for your child and you, keyboards can be bought quite cheaply, you can buy a Rapoo or Trust Classic wired keyboard for £7.99 at Argos, you can also buy cheap keyboards at your local supermarket such as Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys etc.

2.) Locate the consoles Web Browser, this can be done easily with the control pad, ones the browser is started, go to or or

3.) Once on Google search for your respective online teaching service, for my children’s school in the North of Ireland/Northern Ireland they simply visit Google Classroom.

Northern Ireland:
Google Classroom



Just 2 Easy

Microsoft Teams

4.) Once you have visited the site of your region, you or your child will need to login with their details, their school should have provided them with a username and password.
From there you should be able to access everything your child needs to learn from home.

Here are some video guides:

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