[Tutorial] DualShock 4 Accumulator Mod

This is quite a cool mod which was posted by PlayStationHaX member Reidenschi

Hello everyone!


Today I want to tell how to make 2400 mAh accumulator for your DS4.


We need two mobile phone accumulators “BL-4J” 1200 mAh 3.7v each, one accumulator connector ( I get one from old videocard cooler) and tools for disassembling DS4 and soldering accumulators together.


In first you need to take off accumulator,  accumulator holder and reset button.




Then solder accumulators in parallel.




Obtained accumulator fits good in DS4.




It remains only to assemble gamepad back. I get a little gap . I do not think that this is a big problem.


Don’t forget take original parts in safe place.
I charge DS4 from 2A 5V adapter and have no problem.
Charge lasts for 17-18 hours of active play. Checked in Final Fantasy 13 .

Have fun.

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