[Tutorial] Custom PS3 XMB Waves ~~

zapptheman has posted an awesome tutorial on how to create Custom PS3 XMB Waves, here it is:

Well this seems to be my hottest topic so for now i will post this one here.
Hello world. Today i will be showing you all how to install you’re very own custom XMB waves to your ps3.

Here is a Video Tutorial and a Written Tutorial will be underneath the Video:

Written Tutorial:                                                                 Thanks for 1K Views guys  :rotflmao:  :double-thumbs-up:

FTP Method:
Step 1: Open Rebug Toolbox. (if you do not have it you can download it from HERE.)
Step 2: Open your FTP Client. (if you don’t have one you can download FileZilla from HERE)
Step 3: Find Your PS3‘s IP and connect to it through filezilla or your FTP client of choice.
Step 4: Choose your lines that you wish to use. (if you don’t have any, you can download my pack from HERE)
Step 5: Back on filezilla connected to your PS3, navigate through the directories like so /dev_Rebug/vsh/resource/qgl/.
Step 6: You should now be able to see your Lines.qrc file which is your current line theme/animation.
Step 7: (Optional) You can make a backup of the current lines file so you can put it back if need be.
Step 8: Take the lines.qrc file you chose and copy and paste it into the qgl folder in filezilla, you will be prompted to overwrite, just accept it.
Step 9: After done copying, exit to XMB.
Step 10: Enjoy the new lines  :LiebSmilie-Headbanger-mit-Gitar

MultiMan Method:
Step 1: Open The Lines Creator.bat tool found in my pack (make sure to unzip it all).
Step 2: Chose the lines you want and type its number in and hit enter.(e.g press 3 for Electric Green).
Step 3: Open the encrypt/decrypt tool. (let it run and it should automatically encrypt the lines file.
Step 7: Open MultiMan on your PS3.
Step 8: Go the MMoS found all the way on the left and the seccond option down the list, open it and load up the MMoS.
Step 9: Click on the Root folder in the top left.
Step 10: Navigate to your usb (dev_usb000 or dev_usb001).
Step 11: Click on the zip file you copied to it, allow it to install.
Step 12: Quit to XMB.
Step 13: Enjoy the new lines  :LiebSmilie-Headbanger-mit-Gitar

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