[Update 3] Total_Noob Adds Malicious Code To His Software

First of all let me say that i respect Total_Noob’s work in the PS Vita PSP Emulator scene, but that does not give him the excuse to be a complete cowardly cunt and add malicious code to his software, so him as a person i have zero respect for.

Total_Noob Adds Malicious Code To His Software

Let me show what i am talking about, so you can understand the premise of this attack.
GBOT on Wololo’s forum posted this code, it shows code from Total_Noobs software:

It looks for the Username, email and PSN ID, if it finds those details, it deletes ALL the content from ms0:

if(!memcmp(buffer1, sha_1, 20) || !memcmp(buffer2, sha_2, 20) || !memcmp(buffer3, sha_3, 20))

It destroys all the data in that location.

From the code, you can see that it specifically targets @The_Zett , the two of them do not get along, i do not know where this stems from, The_Zett has always been vocal about the type of person he thinks Total_Noob is, but has ALWAYS shown respect towards the work he has released.

Regardless of what disputes someone has with you, regardless of what a person has said about you, you do not add this type of fucking code to your work, doing so makes you a slimy, untrustworthy, dishonest degenerate and it shits over any and all work you have released, it also destroys your reputation.


The software affected is TN-X v1 and TN-X v2.and yes it only affects TheZett, but it does have the potential of attacking the wrong person, take Gateway for example with their anti-clone measures, which would brick 3DS consoles that used a clone and their software, the thing is, this bricking code also bricked genuine Gateway owners, True Blue from what i remember also planed a similar HDD wiping measure to combat clones.

The thing is, we are supposed to be able to trust Total_Noob, what he did was out of malice, it was pure 100% venomous hate filled spite and all because TheZett spoke of how lame it was to add watermarking to the screenshot feature in TN, this shows that if you voice your opinion and state that you do not like something about TN, chances are you will have your data destroyed.

I have been seeing a number of tweets saying, ‘but its only thezitt’, regardless of it ‘only being thezitt’, to add malicious code that has the ability to destroy something just because you don’t like what a person has said, is immature, cowardly, immoral, disgusting, cuntish, vile, disturbing and a whole bunch of negative words.

Yes TheZett likes voicing his opinion, but that does not mean he deserves this type of thing to be done to him, perhaps instead of Total_Noob being cowardly, he could voice his opinion in an equal manner, there are plenty of places and opportunities for him to do so, no need for him to turn himself into a deceitful bitch.

Update 2:

Official word from TheZett on Wololo’s blog

Update 3:

Total_Noob has made a statement here about what he did:

My files has got two checks
The first check will not harm, only give a red screen
The second check happens if the first check is somehow disabled
So it formats the ms
So it was The Zett’s responsibility to use a modified one or not
The untouched one does not format anything, only give a red screen
Even Dark_AleX did this
Back then when you modified the files it bricked your device


1.) Formatting someone’s MS is a dick move, makes you a malicious piece of shit.
2.) Your reasoning and excuse, is ‘Even Dark_AleX did this’, so if Dax rub his balls with a cheese grater, you would do the same fucking thing ?, seriously, what age are you >.<
3.) Whilst you are comparing your actions to those of Dax, you fail to realise they are not the same or you do realise and it is your fail attempt to try and rationalise the stupid shit you pulled.

What Dax did to his code, was to protect it from people ripping it off, what you did was single out one person and add malicious code of of an immature butthurt problem you have with TheZett, so NO, Dax NEVER did this…

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