TNV on 3.18 via the Arcade Darts exploit

Well after the drama of the mass leak/release /drama in the PS VITA ‘scene’ I eventually decided to update my PSP emulator CFW for Firmware 3.18.

Being a cheepskate I went with the mini game “Arcade Darts” because it’s cheap ;) and only 22mb big.

I’ve been led to believe that it’s network access makes it suitable to run TNV unlike the other mini exploits leaked.

Well it works perfectly.


Simply download the game. Then get the prerequisite files downloaded within the SAVEDATA folder, add the psp 6.60 OFW file (Renamed 660.PBP – not the PSP GO version) and transfer it to the Vita using CMA or open CMA.

Files –

Start the game, load the save, select profile 1, start career, select view rankings, go back (Press O), select view ranking, go back twice (Press O then O) then finally select options and the psp XMB will load (about 95% of the time). If the recovery menu loads, select advanced options and install the 6.60 files, exit and enjoy!

Yes, it’s a bit of a hassle, but well worth it for the joys of psp cfw on the beautiful Vita. So grab it while you still can!!!


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