The Legacy Of Kain Game That Never Was

The Legacy of Kain games where an important part of the PlayStation’s early life and spawned a few sequels, @NeoSabin is a huge fan of them, but sequels that could have been were cancelled, such as Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun a game that should have been released on the PS3 and Xbox 360, possibly having a remake release for PS4 and Xbox One, here is some footage of the game:



Unfortunately the publishers Square Enix were worried about the money they might not get, because they thought the game might not sell well and decided to cancel the game, whilst that was really bad, the way they treated the developers, who worked very fucking hard on this game was appalling.

 These guy worked on the game for 3+ years, putting a lot of work into it only for it to be cancelled and them be blocked from talking about it, or mentioning that they worked on it and thus they were left with a three year gap in their work history and an awesome looking game that would never be released.


You can read the full write up about it on Eurogamr:

The Legacy of Kain game that was cancelled three years in

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