Due to personal and health issues I decided to leave the scene over a year ago, I sadly gave away my PS Dev Wikis that I really loved, I couldn’t fix my health issues but I hoped I could fix my personal issues and giving it all up to focus on my personal problems was the easiest was to go, unfortunately my personal problems cannot be fixed, so no point in keeping myself down, which is why I decided to reopen the forum.

I can’t afford to continue paying for IPB forum software which I don’t really like and I definitely can’t afford to move to a better forum software like Xenoforo, so I have went for a free alternative, MyBB.

MyBB isn’t as sexy as all the premium ones, but it does the job, forum are a dying thing anyhow, Reddit and Twitter have all but done away with forums, which is another reason that it is pointless to pay for premium.

I was able to to bring over all the users, threads and posts, however the MyBB convert tool is not the best and cannot bring stuff like images over nor can it correctly format converted posts, making the old threads look ugly as hell, so for old thread viewing, I advise continue using the archive:

For future posts you can use the forum, if you want, if not it’s no big deal.

Here is the forum thread regarding this article if you are interested:

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