The Elder Scrolls Game That Never Was

I am not sure how many of you knew about the Elder Scrolls game that was in the works for the PSP, i just found out about it yesterday.

It saddened me a little that Bethesda cancelled it, because it would have made me use my PSP a lot more than i did and it could have been ported to be played on the PS Vita.


The game was not a secret, you can read an article talking about it from 2009 here, it only showed images and talked a little about it, the reason it is circulating again now, is because someone has gotten hold of the actual game and from what i understand, he plans to release it and whilst it wouldn’t be a complete game and there probably wouldn’t be much of a story, the Elder Scrolls Modding community could go to work on it and release something awesome.

Here is a little bit of info from the person who found the game and who sold it to the person who is going to apparently release the files:


For those who joined this thread a little later, the game in question is an unreleased copy of Oblivion for the PSP. I came across it at my place of work, and immediately made a copy. However at the same time, my boss had found a private buyer for the disc. The buyer expressed wishes to keep the files unreleased to the public and wanted me to delete my copies, this did not bode well, I had to delete the posts in order to keep my job in tact (though I can’t say my intentions to release the game had changed).
Fortunately, an Elder Scrolls expert in-boxed me repeatedly, asking for more info, asking about the files, offering a hand. That expert also made a competitive bid, and expressed wishes for the files to go public. I can now confirm that I have completed business with that expert, /u/gladys410 – to those of you excited to see what the files hold, you have him to thank for speeding the process up, and I also have him to thanks for doing so in a way that keeps my job safe. Give him some love.

You can read it in its entirety here:

I’ve found a very rare game, and I need help getting it to play.

You can also read more info on his progress in getting it to work here:

Oblivion on the PSP, cancelled, unreleased, soon to be played.

As you can understand Zenimax/Bethesda are extremely pissed off about this and slam CopyRight claims on any gameplay videos posted about it on YouTube, luckily they can not slam their foot down on every site and every video hosting place, for example all the videos posted on YouTube that got take down, have been embedded on this Russian site and you can view them at your pleasure, i would post them on here if i was sure my hosts wouldn’t get upset.

I do think the dude who grabbed it should have went to @wololo for help and gotten it working before the big angry guys at Bethesda found out.

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