The Day The Vita Scene Had A Temper Tantrum

Calling it the Vita Scene is wrong in my eyes, as a native Vita hack has never been released, these hacks just work on the Vita’s PSP Emulator, so its more of a “PSP On Vita Scene”, but that’s my opinion.


We all know that in order to run homebrewon our Vita’s, we need to utilise the Vita’s PSP Emulator, we use certain exploitable PSP games in order to let us do that and of course those games need to be kept secret from Sony, otherwise they will get patched and we wouldn’t be able to run homebrew and still be on the latest firmware.


But what has aspired over the last few days, will result in eCFW being a thing of the past and with no native Vita hacks you will be stuck on firmware 3.18 if you wish to keep homebrew.


So what happened ?


I cannot say what happened behind closed doors, but from the tweets and the things i have seen, this appears to be a big immature temper tantrum, from people who are old enough to know better, but clearly have been afflicted by huge ego’s and let their ePeens get in the way.


qwikrazor87 a member of the “PSP On Vita Scene” apparently got kicked from the team and decided to reveal a kernel exploit, he also threatened to reveal all the exploitable games, according to Wololo most of the exploits were qwikrazor87’s, so were his to release, but at the same time would be a complete asshole move to release them.


But he didn’t release them, instead Acid_Snake another team member of the “PSP On Vita Scene” who was in a feud with qwikrazor87, decided to release ALL those exploits, ALL 50 of them to the public and to Sony.


Now come Monday, many of the exploitable games will be removed from the PS Store and you will NOT be able to run eCFW on future firmwares, thanks to qwikrazor87 and Acid_Snake childish behaviour, these guys effectively ruined what little scene the Vita had and all to score points over the other one.


If you want to read the full story or an alternate version, one which is not as blunt as mine, but still gets the point across, check the link below, it will also tell you the list of games with exploits that have been leaked:


Wololo – The day the Vita scene imploded: more than 50 game exploits leaked


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