Team PS3Xploit To Release Some Awesome PS3 Goodies

Today @STLcardsWS posted an awesome article on PSX-Place, talking about some great things coming to the PS3, such as the ability to downgrade via software, yes you read that right, soon you will not need any hardware flashers and all thanks to Team PS3Xploit, three developers bguerville, esc0rtd3w and W, from the above mentioned website.


Software downgrading was possible back in the 3.55 days, but updates and upgrades from Sony rendered them useless and we needed to use hardware devices to downgrade, which meant opening up the PS3 and also meant you had to shell out money for the device, but now all this will be a thing of the past, at least if you stay on firmware 4.81 and never upgrade again.

Team PS3Xploit also released IDPS Dumper v0.2 today.

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