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Found 12 results

  1. For every activated PSvita/PStv owner Back Up your act.dat license & other activation files! Why? The answer is simple, because $ony blocked all hacked Vitas on 3.60 spoofing the latest firmware (3.65) from console activation. A quote from famous Vita hacker YifanLu. Tutorial on how to Back Up your act.dat License & other activation files. Connect your PSvita/PStv via FTP to your favourite FTP client on your computer & go to tm0:npdrm -> copy the act.dat file & store it somewhere safely. & go to vd0:registry -> copy the system.dreg & system.ireg file & store it somewhere safely. & go to ur0:user/00/np --> copy the myprofile.dat file & store it somewhere safely. (More info about act.dat : https://vitadevwiki.com/vita/Act.dat )
  2. Hey guys, so many of you may know of the ps vita Micro SD adapter from Yifan Lu. Now those of you who knew about this most likely know most of the stock was sold out by the time you heard about it. Guess what, for those of you who missed out the first time round, Yifan Lu has just announced another 400 boards have been produced. This will take the total number of produced units up to 500. According to sources, there have already been another 100 sold, if not more by the time i am writing this. if you would like one it is recommended to make a move on this as soon as possible. Please remember when purchasing these, they can only work in the old FAT PS Vita with the 3G adapter. this is because the Micro SD adapter uses the same port that the 3G card uses inside the PS Vita. Therefore it can only work on the PS Vita with 3g adapter. so keep this in mind when purchasing. If you would like to purchase one please visit the indieGoGo page where Yifan Lu has it listed: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ps-vita-3g-to-microsd-card-adapter#/
  3. With this ONELUAV3R0 (interpreter), you can create your own homebrew and applications, introducing and translating your ideas through the built in ONElua and of course native LUA.I have the happiness, to announce that ONElua has an important update!With the arrival of version 3.0, comes fairly new, v3.0 features list:Please use oficial Web for download http://onelua.x10.mx + Ported to be 100% compatible with taiHEN and use the maximum of functions.+ New Touch Module (separation of the buttons module).+ New Motion Module (Read Accelerometer, gyroscope).+ New Console Module (Debug text console).+ New Thread Module (Handling of threads or processes).+ New Channel Module (Data connections between threads or processes).+ New Link Module (Remote File Emulation), used 'PSP2LINK' of Bigboss @psxdev.+ New Theme Module (Management of personalized themes for Livearea).+ Completely rewritten Sound module, now supports OGG, MP3, WAV, in addition to playing from net sources.+ Added function buttons.homepopup(), Enable / Disable the PS button to exit a game or app.+ Added function buttons.portinfo(), Gets information from the control ports on the console.+ Fixed functions buttons.rumble() and buttons.lbar().+ Added the ability to scan QR codes with the camera, using the function cam.scanqr().+ Added the metafunction of converting a color to a number, using color.tonumber().+ Added 2 new colors in color.loadpalette(), 'color.shine' and 'color.shadow'.+ Added the game module (Handling applications or Bubbles), Some functions:|- game.list(), It allows to obtain a list of all the installed games in ux0 and ur0 of your console.|- game.move(), It allows to move a game or application from ux0 to ur0 or vice versa in the system.|- game.delete(), Delete a game or application on the system.|- game.exists(), Lets you check if a game or application exists on the system.|- game.install() & game.installdir(), Installation of VPK packages, and directories, Now when installing an update of a game the changelog.xml is shown correctly in the game bubble in the Livearea.+ Added the possibility of render scroll effect, in the screen.print().+ Fixed the function screen.clip(), now work, and support circle limit.+ Added the function screen.brightness(), Allows you to get and set the brightness level in the console.+ Added the function screen.frame(), Allows you to get the current frame that the console is displaying.+ Added several new functions in the OS module:|- os.master() Allows you to enable Unsafe mode on the console.|- os.access() Allows you to know the type of access in the console (Safe or Unsafe).|- os.taicfgreload() Allows a reload of the file config.txt from the Tai folder (henkaku).|- os.browser() Allows run the browser.|- os.newuri() Creates a fast access URI command to an application.|- os.updatedb(), os.rebuilddb() In order to update or completely rebuild the database (app.db).+ Updated the internal debugger.+ Rewritten most code, to be more optimized and fast.
  4. Okay guys so i usually don't post about psvita or pstv as i don't have one and i'm usually the tutorial guy but this piece of software caught my eyes. The Vita Homebrew Browser allows you to browse through a list of most (if not all) homebrew currently public for the psVita/TV. Another great aspect of this software is that it not only lets you browse, but once you find a homebrew that interests you, you can download and install it directly from the vita "it's like having your cake and being able to eat it too!!" All jokes aside, this homebrew makes things very easy for those who don't have access to a computer to download files or who simply don't know what homebrew is out there and would like to have a snoop through the database for something interesting. This homebrew was one of the late entry's to the Gekihen contest and therefore can be found/downloaded on the site: http://gekihen.customprotocol.com/en/project/Vita-Homebrew-Browser Any problems or bugs can be reported to the DEV "Devnoname120", as i may not be able to answer or help with some issues you may or may not find with the homebrew. Remember guys, enjoy and peace out! Sources: image: Gekihen Page
  5. Hi guys. I have posted this question over at /talk but have had no joy. Here's hoping one of you fella's have an idea in this regard. So, here's what the problem is. My vita has HENkaku installed and has had since it released. It's built 7b9c247 from Sunday September 11. Regardless of deleting Molecular shell and reinstalling it from http://henkaku.xyz or going straight to http://go.henkaku.xyz nor using the latest revision of kaiHENkaku url http://beta.henkaku.xyz, my Vita installs the old build. Ive tried: Formatting the Vita and MS Rebuilding the DB Deleting web browser cookies and history Holding R as the web page loads Deleting and reinstalling Molecular Shell from each of the 3 url's Using the offline installer both for normal HENkaku as well as kaiHENkaku (offlineinstaller.vpk and BETA_offlineinstaller.vpk) So lads, does anyone here have any bright ideas? I'm stumped and really annoyed at this stupid situation! Thanks in advance.
  6. Recently, a method of installing the removed PSM Dev Unity application has been released. The method allows for many other things, but Im going to focus on the PSM Unity. The principle should apply to similar things as well. The reason Im making this is because the instructions were vague at best, and the video was so low quality it was almost impossible to make out certain things. No offence to mr.gas & co Anyway, lets get started. Prerequirements: 1. A PS Vita on FW between 3.20 and 3.51. The actual method works on 3.52 as well, but PSM Dev Unity does NOT. FW older than 3.20 have 'real' access to the package installer, and doesnt need to do this in order to get PSM Unity, they can just install it through the package manager as the application is DRM free. 2. These files provided by the team(Do they want to be called a team? idk, Im going to call them that anyway) 3. An email account setup on your Vita. I will not explain how to do this, because you should know how to do this... 4. Thunderbird with an email account set up. This can be the same as you use on the Vita, or a different one, up to you. 5. QCMA, OpenCMA will NOT work //personal experience lol 6. Internet connection on your Vita. 7. A pot of coffee Lets get going!:1. Turn off your Vita and boot into recovery(PS+RT+PWR), select "Rebuild Database". 2. On your PC, open up the zip file downloaded in step 1 of prereq. and unzip them somewhere. I prefer desktop, but whatever floats your boat is fine. 3. Once extracted, open the folder and right click the "test2.eml" file, select "open with", select Thunderbird. You might have to hit 'browse' and select the .exe manually, the default location on an x64 OS is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe". If its not there, check "Program Files" instead of "Program Files (x86)". Once selected, open the eml file with thunderbird. You will then be greeted with this screen: (yes, I have nvidia control panel open in the background, just ignore that). Press "Forward" and forward the mail to the email address you set up on your Vita. We are done with the mail for now. 4. Copy the "UNITY" folder to the folder where QCMA searches for PS Vita stuff. The folder should go in "PSAVEDATA\xxxxxxxxxx\" where "xxxx..." is a unique number to identify your Vita. This should already exist, if it doesnt - connect your Vita to the PC and it should be created. In the end you should end up with a path similar to "F:\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA\xxxxxxxxxx\UNITY\". "F:\PS Vita\" will vary depending on your preferences. The default location is "C:\Users\<your username>\PSV Applications\" if I remember correctly... You can check this in QMCA. 5. Now we need to connect the PS Vita to our PC. First of, since 3.51(and earlier) is not the latest FW, the Vita will prompt for a FW update which YOU SHOULD NOT ACCEPT. So, turn on "Flight Mode" by holding the PS button down for a couple of seconds, then restart the Vita. Once rebooted, still in Flight Mode, connect the USB cable to your Vita and PC, enter "Content Manager", select "Copy Content", select "PC -> PS Vita System", select "Applications", scroll down to "Saved Data" and select "PSP/Other". You should see something like this: Select "PSM UNITY INSTALL (>3.20)" and Copy it to your Vita. Once copied, Enable Wifi on the Vita(Hold PS button, Wi-Fi) and make sure you have a working connection. I would ASSUME 3G also works, but I done have a 3G Vita so I cant test that. With wifi enabled and working, Go to Settings, select "System", select "Playstation Mobile". Now, this is where it can become a bit tricky, so pay attention! Hit the 3 dots (...), select "Update", hit "OK" on the update confirmation screen, once the update starts("Preparing to download... window flies away), hit the PS-button, hit the notification bubble(top right corner, in case you didnt know) and PAUSE the download(s). There are 2 downloads. Pause both. You will then end up with this(ignore the 2 bottom ones): Press the 3 dots (...) on either of the 2 entrys, I chose "PSM Runtime Package 2.01", Press cancel, press Yes. You will then end up with just 1 paused download(again, ignore the 2 bottom ones on my screen): Next! 6. Open up Email on the Vita. Go to inbox etc etc, open the Email you sent way back in step 3. If you did it right, it should look like this: Read this in full before doing anything! Click one of the pictures, the vita will cry saying it can display the image. DO NOT HIT OK! Again, DO NOT HIT OK! Instead hit the PS button and close the email application by dragging the top-right corner. Open up Email again, select inbox again, select the same mail again, open the 2nd picture(do not hit ok), close the Email app. Almost done now! 7. Turn off wifi/enable Flight Mode. Turn off the Vita. If you have a retail game inserted, REMOVE IT. That was the only way I could get it to work, and it took me fking forever to figure out. Also remove the USB Cable, probably not needed, but I did that anyway. Turn on the Vita. Once booted and back in the Vita, hit the Notification bubble(top right corner). Our previously paused update should now say "Could not install <error code>" or similar; Using the DPAD select our paused download and hit X (or O if you use a jap. Vita, or whatever button you have as "accept".). You should now be greeted with a message saying "hi from mr.gas" or something of the sort Follow the instructions to install PSM Dev Unity! Congratulations, we're done! ... Almost. Trying to launch Dev Unity will prompt for an update. This update is for the application, NOT the vita. However, as of this moment, I am not sure what the requires min FW is for the updated Unity app. I read somewhere it was 3.30, but I can not confirm this. I can, however, say that its 100% safe to update it if you are on 3.51. And thats it! We're done! Now we play the waiting game and wait for homebrewzzzz . Bleh, this tutorial took a lot longer to make than I initially anticipated... I hope you appreciate it Also, to potential outsiders, please dont rip off my text or my screenshots. Instead, just link to this guide instead, its viewable by the public so theres no "member fishing" invovled, I'd just prefer to see if it generates any interest or not Sources: Major Tom @ YouTube wololo.net/talk My own damn brain and a lot of trial and error. Screenshots by me and myself. The 2 last screenshots provided by gazra, thanks for that.
  7. Just a small update to make the Tool working with Data Tables of PS4 RCO's. And noooooo that is not the new Tool that handles both Vita and PS4 RCO de and compiling. Github Link as always....OpenSource And a FULL pkg so crap it while it's hot
  8. https://github.com/cfwprpht/vdat vdat.exe A DAT Tool for the Playstation Vita. Currently only index.dat files are supported. It can encrypt or decrypt a dat file. Keys need to be in 'C:\vitakeys\'. For index and the encryption part: the tool will compute a SHA256 Hash of the index.txt and will copy it on top of the index.txt in RAM, then encrypt it. Not much more to say right now beside that there is no public way to copy that new encrypted index.dat back to your Vita. If something will be released and your a User please be carefull. If you are a dev and can tell me something about DAT's for Vita i would be glad to learn something new * Special Greets and THX to Hykem & Proxima for sharing the keys with us. - Have fun cfwprpht- vdat.exe
  9. VTU-HMAC.exe Github Vita Title Update HMAC-256 Tool: A Tool for the from proxima released Title Update HMAC Key. You either can Drop a key into the GUI, set your own path to your vitakeys folder or you use the standard one which will be "C:\\vitakeys". Name of the key should be "title-hmac-100". Also will the Tool hash your key and compare it against the known SHA1 value and tell you if the key is valid or not. Have Fun - cfwprophet -
  10. Sony has announced that an aqua colored PS Vita will be making its way to the USA. Ever since the PS Vita slim was released the only color that has been available in the US was black, until now. This sexy aqua colored Vita will be a Gamestop exclusive, pre-orders are now available. It will cost $199.99, and be available sometime in November 2015. Source - http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/08/31/aqua-blue-ps-vita-coming-to-gamestop-this-november-2/
  11. from CryptoPlus.Cipher import python_AES, AES import hashlib import sys, os, struct def aes_cmac(erk, input): crypter = AES.new(erk, AES.MODE_CMAC) return crypter.encrypt(input) def get_file_contents(file_path): with open(file_path, 'rb') as in_file: return in_file.read() def indent(message='', level=1, char='\t'): return char * level + message def dump(data, title='', stride=16, indent_level=0): data_length = len(data) stride = min(stride, data_length) num_rows = int(data_length / stride) dump_data = '' if len(title) > 0: dump_data += title + '\n' for i in xrange(num_rows): row = data[i * stride:(i + 1) * stride] dump_data += indent(level=indent_level) for j in xrange(stride): dump_data += '%02X ' % ord(row[j]) dump_data += '\n' return dump_data.rstrip('\n') key = '2E7B71D7C9C9A14EA3221F188828B8F8'.decode('hex') with open(sys.argv[1], 'rb') as f: data_with_hash = f.read(0x90) data,hash = data_with_hash[:0x80], data_with_hash[0x80:0x90] result = aes_cmac(key, data) cmac_data_size = len(data) cmac_data = data[:cmac_data_size] print dump(data, 'Data:', indent_level=0) print 'key:', key.encode('hex') print 'cmac calculated hash:', result.encode('hex') print 'cmac verification hash:', hash.encode('hex') if result==hash: print 'OK' else: print 'NG'python script to verify if the cmac key sony uses is the same as the ps3 gpkg key. So far it has been verified on the beta pkg (Uncharted) and on a Retail one (Resogun) I'll verify on a couple more. You can do it too OK if hashes match. NG if they don't
  12. I've been busy playing FFXIV the last couple of days and haven't really checked the scene. Rejuvenate now has a public beta available for download. Do note that this, at the moment, really doesn't mean much to the end-user at this point, as there is no homebrews available yet. It does serve one purpose even for the end-user though - to confirm the exploit is indeed working. Also remember that this is a beta, meaning bugs and issues may very well exist. I have tested it and can confirm the 'hello world' example works fine on 3.51. But instead of writing nonsense, I'm just going to leave a few links where you can read more about it; Vita Rejuvenate public Beta – PS Vita native hack release Yifan Lu shares his story of successfully hacking the PS vita Vita Hack Rejuvenate – How to run your first homebrew All links and info freely stolen from wololo.net. Im off to continue grinding in FFXIV now
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