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Found 9 results

  1. Hey sceners!, I'm thinking of getting another PS3, because I had to sell my old one last year. I want to know if PSN for PS3 is still running and if there are players still on The Last Of Us. That game is the one I'm most interested in playing online. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hey guy's today i will be showing off the new xmb mod man by MiZiO90! This tool will allow you to customize your ps3 in a multitude of ways. These customizations range from custom XMB waves to custom PSN ball icons, New themes for multiman and the xmb and it also allows you to install custom fonts to the system. you can also install the rebug package manager if you wish to use that or revert to the original install package files menu. So enough talk. Just below is a video showing off all the features and how to use them. There will be a description here beneath to tell you more if you cannot watch the video for whatever reason. So the xmb waves installer and the cold boot installer are both standalone packages which the main application holds. Once you select them from the menu of the application (the sub menu in the first option) you will see a progress bar which will copy the files to the packages folder on the ps3. Once they are done copying you can return to your XMB --> package manager --> install package files --> PS3 Hard Disk Then scroll down untill you see ColdBoot PACK CFW 4.XX [MxM] and/or XMB MOD WAVE [MxM] and install them/it Once installations are complete you may open up the new applications on the xmb and you can select a coldboot or wave which you might like and install (make sure not to power off) then when it is complete press hard reboot and when system reboots it should show the new wave or coldboot. For custom fonts or the ball icon we go back to the main application (MAX MOD MAN 4.XX) and open it up. This is the same principal for when installing one of these. choose one you like and make sure not to power off during installation. once installation is complete select hard reboot option. Finally for the themes. Go back to the main application and go to the themes for either multiman or xmb and install them. this will copy the themes to the respectful theme folder on the xmb and in multiman IF you installed a theme for the xmb then go over to settings then themes and then select the theme option and the new theme should be select-able from the menu. Choose it and it should set. IF you installed a multiman theme then go to multiman and open it up. Once loaded head over to the multiman menu to the far right and scroll down to theme and select the new one you just added and set it. That is pretty much it guys. If you have any problems with anything to do with this tool feel free to leave a comment here or on the source thread for the developer Enjoy guys PLEASE NOTE: video is still processing at time of posting this thread. i will be unable to edit the thread for a few days as i will not have access to a computer until i return. therefore i will be leaving this thread to the moderators to look after for the few days. by that i mean if you guys could fix the video if for some reason it is not working here and it is working on my channel or if there is any editing needed for the information or spelling and all that good stuff. also feel free to answer any questions for me in the mean time thanks to whoever looks after this until then.
  3. Thought i would just drop this here i know it's a bit outdated but the method is still the same Cange PSN Logo Method 1 (less complex) Here is a Video Tutorial and a Written Tutorial will be underneath the Video: Step 1: Download the PSN ICONS for 4.46.zip file here. Step 2: Extract the .pkg file from inside the zip, and copy it to your USB. Step 3: Safely eject your USB. Step 4: Plug it in to your PS3. Step 5: Install the package. Step 6: Open the "MOD PSN ICONS INSTALLER 4.46" from the XMB. Step 7: Choose whichever icon you want. Step 8 Do a HARD Reboot of the system. Step 9: Enjoy the new PSN Logo Method 2 (more complex and less simplified)[works on all cfw] Step 1: Open Rebug Toolbox. Step 2: Download my Icon package from here Step 3: Open Filezilla on your pc. Step 4: connect to your ps3. Step 5: Open my package. Step 6: Chose the psita OR Rebug icons depending on which firmware you are on. Step 7: Navigate to /dev_Rebug/vsh/resource/. Step 8: Backup the file on the ps3 called xmb_plugin_normal.rco to a folder where you wont lose it. Step 9: Replace the one on the playstation with the one you chose from my package and click OK to overwrite the file. Step 10: Go back to the rebug toolbox and select the reboot option. Step 11: Click HARD Reboot and the system will reboot. Step 12: Enjoy the new PSN Logo. hey just a question, does anyone know why the videos don't embed in this new version of the site? thanks
  4. Step 1: Download the package from here or here or for the Brewology link Step 2: Copy the <SEN Enabler v5.9.0 [CEX-DEX].pkg> to your usb of choice or to the package folder on the ps3 Step 3: Install the package from the install package files menu Step 4: Open the package from the xmb, it should be named <GT Academy 2013> Step 5: When the app is open if the update log file is presented then press otherwise when at the main menu, press --> then V to (SEN/PSN Options) to open the sen/options menu Step 6: press for "Enable/Disable SEN access" then once again to spoof to 4.76 (if you wish to spoof to different version the select it in the other menu for whatever option you wish to spoof to) (WARNING: DO NOT SPOOF TO 9.99 IF YOU WISH TO PLAY ONLINE, SPOOF TO 4.76 FOR ONLINE) Step 7: Wait for the process to complete, it may take a moment or two Step 8: Reboot the system Step 9: play online Step 10: have fun guys and stay tuned for more
  5. Sony has announced that an aqua colored PS Vita will be making its way to the USA. Ever since the PS Vita slim was released the only color that has been available in the US was black, until now. This sexy aqua colored Vita will be a Gamestop exclusive, pre-orders are now available. It will cost $199.99, and be available sometime in November 2015. Source - http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/08/31/aqua-blue-ps-vita-coming-to-gamestop-this-november-2/
  6. Hello guys, Alot of people & me are having a problem on every 4.65 CFW spoofed to 4.66. Every time trying to login we get the 80710A06,(see photo also) yes i have searched for an error fix, but the only one is updating to 4.66 CFW, this is a bit useless for the most modders because ccapi doesn't work on 4.66 & because rebug 4.65.2 is really good. do some of you have also this problem? hope it's fixable! or is it the fault of psn? some people say it's the sign of every CFW users is banned but i don't believe that. Hope that someone can help, would be highly appreciated!! Many thnx, grtz Thibobo
  7. so im ode ofw 4.55 user and i wanna to play online without log into f*ck*n psn is that any method to patch games file with program connecting to ea servers directly for example help with that ihave no money for dmc and swap disc
  8. Hello! I had no idea what my error code meant when I tried to download a free GT add-on pack. I cicked download and it was activating, then said the install failed due to error code 80109D80. I tried looking around, but there are very mixed results. Some people say it means that I got temp/perm banned for running a CFW,(6.20 ME perm patch with PnsLover enabled) someone botched the activation (I signed into it on 1 other account, and lost the account), or just updating to 6.60, which would be horrible because I have LME permapatch for psp-3001 (04g). And I cannot reformat the system settings, I have customizedit a bit and don't want to make my PSP a fancy paperweight.
  9. I would like to ask the community for their old, used PSN codes. These codes can be any type of code, such as wallet codes, DLC codes, and PS+ codes. I am asking this because I have heard some reports about people getting scammed with fake PSN codes when they buy things such as DLC, ps+ codes, and gift codes. I would like to investigate the patterns of these codes, and see if there is a way to check the validity of a code (Such as the Luhn check for credit cards) so that you could check the code immediately after you get it, instead of waiting for a few weeks to log on to your PS3 and possibly having it come up fake and the scam artist being long gone. Also, i would like to ask for the date you bought/obtained the card (If you don't know, make a guess), the type of code, and the region it was bought in.
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