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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys. Throwing it back old school with a PS2 Tutorial. Today i will be showing you guys how to install FMCB with ANY ps2 game disc on most slim consoles (not including 9x models - these are untested) Please watch the video below for instructions, otherwise please read below, there will be a written tutorial for more advanced modders who do not need videos. Okay guys so what you will need today ---➣ Phillips screw driver ---➣ Flat head screw driver ---➣ Magnet (not needed but good to hold screws) ---➣ Hobby Knife (not needed but Recommended) ---➣ Memory card ---➣ USB (Formatted to FAT) ---➣ At least 2 burnable DVD discs ---➣ A PS2 game to do the swap with ---➣ Blue Tack or tape of a sort (blue tack recommended) Okay, Firstly you will need to disassemble your ps2. There are 6 screws on the slim console underneath it, the back 2 rubber feet come off, and then just pop off the remaining 4 covers. one of them may be under the warranty seal (cut that crap out... there ain't no more warranty) Once you remove these screws, you must separate the ps2 from the back first at the fatter section (where the power port is), then move to the front where the memory card slot is, and finally move down to the thin end. You will need to tilt the cover up from the fat end in order to separate/gain leverage on the thin end Once you have the lid off, congratulations!!! now we can jam the sensors Please see image below of sensor locations. one is on the power button board and the other is next to the back of the disc drive caddy to the left of it on the main board. You can use either Tape or Bluetack to keep the sensors down, it is recommended you use Bluetack as i found it stuck better and did not come off at all. Now you have set your PS2 up for the swap trick. Congratulations!!!! On to the computer Download my package full of all the files you will need. otherwise you can download these files from sksapps.com ---➣ MY PACKAGE ---➣ Apache1.1 ---➣ Apache3Preview ---➣ COGSWAP ---➣ uLaunchELF_v4.12_CD OR uLaunchELF_v4.12_DVD ---➣ Noobie_Package Download and extract these to a folder where you would like to save them Now Grab a disc you do not care if you damage as we will be using this for the swap Take note of the disc. It is recommended that you use a DVD as the swap disc. this can be seen on the front. it will say "DVD" or "Compact Disc" Insert the game you have chosen into your pc's DVD drive Now open Apache3Preview (DO NOT LET IT UPDATE - it will not function if it does) You will need to click on the drop down menu and select your DVD drive. Once the DVD is loaded up, you will need to click the option to "Create ISO" its the one that looks like a disc with an arrow Wait until ISO is successfully created. Once this is done you will need to open Apache1.1 Press the Browse button in Apache1.1 and select your newly created ISO file You should now be able to see the files inside the ISO Now open windows explorer and go to the DVD drive. Open the directory to view files on disc. It should look the same as Apache1.1 Locate the file that says system.cnf Copy and paste this file anywhere as we only need it for just a moment. If you have a text editor you can open this in your text editor to view contents, otherwise change file type to .txt and open with windows notepad on the first line you should see something like this BOOT2 = cdrom0:\SLES_536.36;1 Now, my one says "SLES_536.36", but your one will most likely be different. take note of the file name. You can now close the explorer window with the Disc open and go back to Apache1.1 Now you should see a file with the same name as the one from the text document. (This is the file we are going to modify) You must now extract your version of Cogswap and rename it to the name of the file on your disc. (for example, i would name my cogswap as "SLES_536.36") Now you must Right Click on the cogswap file we just renamed and press "PROPERTIES" to view file information. You should now be able to view the size of the file in Bytes (Perfect!!) Take note of the size, keep the window open Go back to Apache1.1 and Select the file we are modifying Click on menu option "ISO Tools" and then click "change TOC for selected file" You must modify the size value to the one of cogswap shown in properties. it is show as a byte value. DO NOT MODIFY LBA [make big an bold and red] Click update! Now select the file we are replacing again and go to the same menu like so -- ISO Tools --> Updaate selected file Now browse for the cogswap file we renamed to the one on the disc, select it and open it. This should now be updated in the ISO (Yayyy!!!) Close Apache1.1 as it auto saves to the ISO Now chose a method of your own to burn this ISO to a DVD, i just used the burn option in Apache3Preview. MAKE SURE YOU SELECT SLOWEST BURN SPEED (YOU CAN NOT USE REWRITABLE MEDIA - DVD RW) Press Burn and wait... Congratulations!!! You now have your swap disc We must now create the uLaunchELF_v4.12 disc Decide weather you are using a CD or a DVD to launch uLaunchELF_v4.12 Open the RAR file and either Burn the DVD .ISO to a DVD, or burn the CD .bin file to a CD with a burning tool of choice Now we have uLaunchELF_v4.12 Disc!!!! Last Step for the computer Insert a USB of choice (no need for anything larger than 500mb) You must format this USB to FAT. This can be achieved by right clicking on the USB in explorer and selecting format --> FAT --> Quick --> start (BE WARNED THIS WILL WIPE ALL FILES OFF USB) Now open Noobie_Package and copy "INSTALL" folder and "FREE_MCBOOT.ELF" to your usb That is all for the computer now guys. On to the tricky part Booting Cogswap Start off by inserting the genuine PS2 Disc into drive Please Read this a few times before attempting Congratulations, that was the hardest part!!! Now that you have cogswap open, if you selected burning Ulaunch to a DVD you can remove the Genuine game disc and insert the ulaunch disc If you did not, please open this spoiler Now insert your USB with noobie package on it Now you can press [X] to boot the Ulaunch disc Once loaded press [O] and navigate to "Mass" directory and hit [O] Now you should see "FREE_MCBOOT.ELF" Navigate to this and hit [O] to launch Tadaaaaa, you now have the FreeMC Boot installer open. Make sure you have a memory card inserted Select what you would like to use for your boot method. (Normal or Multi) I selected Multi so i can use the card on other systems Wait until it is finished. This may take a few minutes One it is complete, navigate to "Launch FMCB" and Voula, you should be booted into FMCB Attempt to reboot your console to double check it worked, make sure to remove all discs, you should be greeted with FMCB menu Congratulations you have now successfully installed FMCB without having to pay a cent for any games or swap discs like 007. You can now remove any bluetack, sensor jamers you used and reverse disassembly to reassemble. Let me know if you have any questions! Peace out guys!
  2. Hi guys, Merry Christmas to all and wishing you all the best Let's get down to business. In this tutorial I will show you how to backup your ps4's data to a HDD and replace the existing ps4 HDD with a new one/bigger one. Video Tutorial. Written can be found below. Written TUT First of all you will want to make sure you have the replacement drive and an external drive with capacity equivalent to that within your PS4 or greater than. So if you have a 500GB ps4 you will need an external HDD that is => 500GB. Next step is to make sure that the external drive is formatted to FAT or exFAT so the ps4 can read it. Once formatted plug it in to PS4 via USB port. Then from PS4 home screen navigate to --> settings --> system --> backup and restore --> backup once you are here the system will allow you to choose what you want to backup and will calculate the space required on the external HDD. Next step is to commence backup process (this will take a while if you backed up applications so maybe find something to do for 3 hours) Once this step is complete you can unplug the PS4 from the power and we can begin to replace the Hard Drive First make sure the PS4 has no cables plugged into it remaining. then you are going to want to slide the glossy cover away from the PS4 until it pops and you can remove it. After you have taken this off you will need to unscrew the Playstation screw with the button symbols on it so we can access the Hard Drive bay. When you have unscrewed that screw the Hard Drive should be able to slide out and you will then have to unscrew it from the Cradle Remove it when all screws are removed and place new Hard Drive in Cradle and use removed screws to fasten it. Slide Cradle back into bay and screw Playstation screw back in the same spot. Make sure everything is correct and moves into place then put glossy cover back on PS4 and you are done with replacing. Boot PS4 back up and it will ask for a firmware file of the most recent firmware it had installed or above, you will be required to locate one for installation. The latest OFW can be found HERE Once you have this Firmware you must place it on to a FAT formatted usb like so. On the root of USB you must make a Folder called PS4 --> UPDATE --> PS4UPDAT.PUP Place this USB in to PS4 when it asks for the firmware and then follow onscreen prompts to install it. This will now format the new Hard Drive and install the firmware so it will also take a while. Once this is complete it will ask to be set up like a new system so you may set it up as you would normally do. Then it will boot to home screen with no data (THIS IS FINE, WE WILL BE RESTORING MOMENTARILY) and you are done with the installation stage Finally the restoration stage, once booted successfully to home screen you must navigate to --> settings --> system --> backup and restore --> restore then follow on screen prompts to to restore all backed up data. (This will take probably another 3 hours if you backed up applications) At last, the system should look exactly how it was before you began these procedures and you should have some more free space on your PS4 system. Hope this tutorial helped you guys. make sure to leave a like if it did and stay tuned for more peace out
  3. Hey guy's today i will be showing off the new xmb mod man by MiZiO90! This tool will allow you to customize your ps3 in a multitude of ways. These customizations range from custom XMB waves to custom PSN ball icons, New themes for multiman and the xmb and it also allows you to install custom fonts to the system. you can also install the rebug package manager if you wish to use that or revert to the original install package files menu. So enough talk. Just below is a video showing off all the features and how to use them. There will be a description here beneath to tell you more if you cannot watch the video for whatever reason. So the xmb waves installer and the cold boot installer are both standalone packages which the main application holds. Once you select them from the menu of the application (the sub menu in the first option) you will see a progress bar which will copy the files to the packages folder on the ps3. Once they are done copying you can return to your XMB --> package manager --> install package files --> PS3 Hard Disk Then scroll down untill you see ColdBoot PACK CFW 4.XX [MxM] and/or XMB MOD WAVE [MxM] and install them/it Once installations are complete you may open up the new applications on the xmb and you can select a coldboot or wave which you might like and install (make sure not to power off) then when it is complete press hard reboot and when system reboots it should show the new wave or coldboot. For custom fonts or the ball icon we go back to the main application (MAX MOD MAN 4.XX) and open it up. This is the same principal for when installing one of these. choose one you like and make sure not to power off during installation. once installation is complete select hard reboot option. Finally for the themes. Go back to the main application and go to the themes for either multiman or xmb and install them. this will copy the themes to the respectful theme folder on the xmb and in multiman IF you installed a theme for the xmb then go over to settings then themes and then select the theme option and the new theme should be select-able from the menu. Choose it and it should set. IF you installed a multiman theme then go to multiman and open it up. Once loaded head over to the multiman menu to the far right and scroll down to theme and select the new one you just added and set it. That is pretty much it guys. If you have any problems with anything to do with this tool feel free to leave a comment here or on the source thread for the developer Enjoy guys PLEASE NOTE: video is still processing at time of posting this thread. i will be unable to edit the thread for a few days as i will not have access to a computer until i return. therefore i will be leaving this thread to the moderators to look after for the few days. by that i mean if you guys could fix the video if for some reason it is not working here and it is working on my channel or if there is any editing needed for the information or spelling and all that good stuff. also feel free to answer any questions for me in the mean time thanks to whoever looks after this until then.
  4. Step 1: Download the package from here or here or for the Brewology link Step 2: Copy the <SEN Enabler v5.9.0 [CEX-DEX].pkg> to your usb of choice or to the package folder on the ps3 Step 3: Install the package from the install package files menu Step 4: Open the package from the xmb, it should be named <GT Academy 2013> Step 5: When the app is open if the update log file is presented then press otherwise when at the main menu, press --> then V to (SEN/PSN Options) to open the sen/options menu Step 6: press for "Enable/Disable SEN access" then once again to spoof to 4.76 (if you wish to spoof to different version the select it in the other menu for whatever option you wish to spoof to) (WARNING: DO NOT SPOOF TO 9.99 IF YOU WISH TO PLAY ONLINE, SPOOF TO 4.76 FOR ONLINE) Step 7: Wait for the process to complete, it may take a moment or two Step 8: Reboot the system Step 9: play online Step 10: have fun guys and stay tuned for more
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