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Found 18 results

  1. Lapy has released another remake of a classic game, this time it is Wild Gunman. Source
  2. @Snake_Plissken has released a stunning looking PS4 homebrew game called Air Strike, this is a VR game but also woks as a normal game, it was made using Unity. You are the pilot of a fighter jet, shooting enemies whilst trying not to get shot yourself. Source
  3. Developer chossy has ported a game he previously released on Android's Play Store. The game sees you play some fat dude, eating junk food that drops from above you, whilst trying to avoid healthy food. Source/Download
  4. very fun pinball table app for the ps4 made in Unity. special thanks to DEFAULTDNB and Turk_Warrior who runs the channel: EODYT on Youtube, for closed alpha testing. https://youtu.be/2VOW77FqomA https://youtu.be/P_6rSzVF05E download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1g4lsT4ewfPxOA8K-uPbszMdpcNuIvTVd/view?usp=sharing
  5. Cuba's finest developer Lapy is back again with an awesome homebrew, this one is a remake of the iconic NES game Duck Hunt. Source/Download
  6. Cuban developer Lapy who in the past few weeks has released El Pollo which is a Flappy Bird clone and Save The Scene a unique homebrew that sees you saving several members of the PlayStation and Nintendo scenes from bombs dropping on them, has released a brand new game. The game called El Pollo 2.0 is a cross between "Helicopter" and "Flappy Bird", the game is fun but if you suck like me, then it can be quite frustrating, which this gameplay video by me highlights: Here is a quote from the developer: Source/Download
  7. Redj has released B&nder Bar, a game which sees you play the character Bender from Futurama. In the game which is created by GameMaker Studio, you control Bender moving him left or right and collect beers, you lose health if collect soft drinks and the game ends if you collect to many, the game is fast paced and the bottles of liquid fall quite fast, here is a video of the gameplay: Source/Download Follow Developer Here
  8. Developer Lapy who ported the Flappy Bird clone a few weeks ago, has released a stunning looking homebrew for the PS4 called Save The Scene. The game see's you saving scene developers from bombs, you have to press either Square, Cross, Circle or Triangle to detonate a bomb before it drops on the head of a developer. Here you can see some gameplay: Thanks to NanospeedGamer(Follow) For the image and video. Follow Lapy https://twitter.com/Lapy05575948 Follow RetroGamer_74 https://twitter.com/RetroGamer_74
  9. MasterTurkey has ported Shephard to the PS4, the game was originally created by Butterscotch Shenanigans and is made using GameMaker Studio: The game sees you running around after sheep, shaving off their wool. Download included in video, or follow MasterTurkey here: https://twitter.com/MasterTurkey
  10. Developer has released a homebrew game for the PS4 The game is a platformer, you search for stars whilst collecting coins, the game starts off easy enough and slowly build in difficulty as you progress each level, later level see monsters roaming about, all you can do is avoid them as fighting back is not a possibility, there are also such elements as falling bridges and crumbling rock/grass mounds to deal with as well, here is some gameplay: The game is easy enough, even though i make it look like it is hard, it looks stunning with beautiful backgrounds, there are three stars in each level to find and about twenty levels to complete. Download via the embedded tweet above, follow the developer here: https://twitter.com/RetroGamer_74
  11. Developer @Quickz has released another stunning looking PS4 Homebrew The game is Pongesque, you have to paddles and have to hit a turtle shell across the screen without it hitting the edges of the screen, here is a video of me playing it very badly: All you need to use the left and right thumbsticks and the X button. Download Guys please follow the developer here: https://twitter.com/Quickz16
  12. Quickz popped by Discord to let me know of a game he had just created, the game see's you control a creature that looks like a jellyfish sheep, you have to avoid objects falling from the sky. The game is made using GameMaker and is probably the most fun i have had playing a Homebrew game in a while, the game looks great and is quite addictive, here is a screenshot followed by a gameplay video: You can download the game here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bt8n0dsrc60v0p7/IV0000-QUIG00001_00-QUICKZGAME000001.PKG Also please follow the developer on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/Quickz16
  13. SnakePlissken has released Block Buster which is an Arkanite clone, it is built with Unity and does have some bugs, but hopefully they can be fixed in the future and maybe the developer could add stuff like points/score. Source/Download
  14. @silicaAndPina has ported Deltarune (Undertale 2) to the PS4: It was ported to the PS4 using Game Studio 2 and thanks to scever_patch by dots_tb. Source/Download Follow silica on Twitter
  15. I am sure you have seen my article about the Flappy Bird clone created by Cuba's finest PS4 Homebrew developer Lapy, well he is releasing a new game soon, which will be called Save The Scene: The game is styled on Missile Command, developed by Lapy, designed by xalgovia and supported by RetroGamer_74, here is a tweet from the latter: If you are not following those guys, please do so now. Hopefully we will see this game at the weekend
  16. Ever since @silicaAndPina released his GameMaker Studio Tool, people have been porting some nice games made with the GameMaker software: tijesef has ported another game to the PS4, this one is Spelunky Classic HD, you can find more infor here as well as the download link: https://www.reddit.com/r/ps4homebrew/comments/anfpdr/spelunky_classic_hd_port_to_ps4/
  17. I am sure most of you have played Flappy Bird in some form at some time, if you like that game, you can play a version like it on the PS4, brought to you from Cuba by developer Lapy, this is a beautiful looking game and i am happy that something like this is on the PS4, this is the homebrew that the scene needs: Here is a video of gameplay, i am terrible at playing it, but it is a fun game: You can read more about it here and grab the download: https://www.reddit.com/r/ps4homebrew/comments/an4d1l/el_pollo_de_lapy_flappy_bird_clone/ Follow the developer here: https://twitter.com/Lapy05575948
  18. tijesef has ported sync _simple to the PS4, previously he also ported it to the PS Vita. sync _simple is a game created by zniq, who at the time of it's creation in 2010 was know as Xeronixworks, you fly a spaceship and shoot aliens, the game is quite fast paced and enjoyable, i suck at the game which you can see via my gameplay video here: You can download the PS4 port here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ps4homebrew/comments/amnlcy/sync_simple_port_to_ps4/ You can view the original developers work here: https://zniq.co/ Follow him on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/zniq_co Thanks to tijesef for the port.
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