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Found 19 results

  1. Hello everyone! *** NEW Janary 2021 RELEASE 3.1.382 **** Games 330 - CUSAS 606 The most complete collection of cheats on the Wild!!! Change Log: Check in the Apk! NEW URL for download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/x11kqq MD5: 8b462a9d7f00392fdae7fa0c32e7c74b Update Instructions: Install over the previous version. (Don't need to uninstall previous version). *** NEW December 2020 RELEASE 3.1.376 **** Games 323 - CUSAS 593 The most complete collection of cheats on the Wild!!!
  2. ESP8266 Xploit Host v2.82a By @c0d3m4st4 View File Download ESP8266XploitHost 2.82a (NEWEST!) ESP8266XploitHost 2.81b Donations If you enjoy my work consider donating for future updates or testing new boards. You can do it here: https://ko-fi.com/E1E0BN94 Thanks in advance Default settings
  3. Lapy has updated his popular file managing PS4 homebrew PS4 Xplorer, to version 1.16, this version does not add anything, but fixes some bugs. Fixed an error in the calculation of the % in the new progress bar find by @abdenourslimani and added a Cancel button to it (square). Fixed an FTP and RW bug find by @notzecoxao Source/Download
  4. Leeful one of the developers behind X-Project has released his own Exploit Host software, it is something he had been working on before he started to collaborate with DefaultDNB on X-Project, here is a quote from the source: Source/Download
  5. The controversial developer @LightningMods_ has released his much anticipated Homebrew store. The Homebrew store is created using @bigboss's LibORBIS open source SDK and give you the ability to host your own store, you can find out how to do that here: https://forum.darksoftware.net/threads/hb-store-how-to-host-your-own-cdn-store.8863/ Source/Download
  6. Developer Lapy has released a Media Player for the PS4, it plays .mp4 and .mkv .mov files Sadly none of the files i tried actually worked, which is forgivable as this is a very early beta. The .avi didn't show up, which was expected as this file is not supported. The .mkv didn't show up, this was not expected as this file is supported. The .mp4 showed up minus the Russian text, however when it was selected to play it froze the application. I will give other files a try in a while, in the meantime you can grab the download here:
  7. Lapy has released version 1.10 of PS4 Xplorer, this version fixes some Polish phrase's as well as the following: Adds support for 4.55, 4.75 and 5.01. Reads information from .sfo and .pkg files. Add's support for .dds files.
  8. 並べ替え PS4Exploit-With HEN1.9- ESP8266-PS4Exploit v0.04- v0.04 New version contains:-- HEN 1.9 -NEW AppUSB AVATAR DUMPER AVATAR INJECTOR BIN LOADER DISC DUMPER DB SAVE GAMES BACKUP DB RSTORE FTP MIRA+HEN+VR 1.8 HEN 1.8 + VR HEN 1.7 + VR HEN 1.8 HEN SCREEN SHOT PKG BACKUP VR ENABLER AVATAR DUMPER AVATAR INJECTOR DiscDump5XX USB CACHE INSTALL credit: mentioned source For information click the "About" button https://github.com/HIASQ/PS4Exploit-HEN1.9- ** If there is a problem or so
  9. Developer Markus95 has ported the Picodrive and QuickNES RetroArch cores for PS2 to the PS4: Picodrive is a Sega master System and Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Emulator whilst QuickNES is a Nintendo NES Emulator. Source
  10. Have you ever had a yearning to shove a vibrating controller shaped rainbow in your ass? If your answer is yes, then this new version of PS Vibe by Al Azif will be right up your back alley, of course this app does have other uses not affiliated with your ass, you could open your own night club and have several PS4 controller strobing away to the beat of the music, the choices and possibilities are endless. P.S.A PlayStationHaX strongly recommends not putting controllers in your ass and Al Azif takes no responsibility for bodily harm caused by misuse of this app.
  11. If you happen to enjoy inserting controllers in your butt, like to see controllers vibrate or like to give the motors on the controller a workout, then this app is for you. This was quite a popular application back in the PS3 days. You will need this application to get it working: https://forum.darksoftware.net/threads/release-liborbis-pkg-usb-loader.7059/ Source Code Download Follow Al Azif on Twitter
  12. The last time i posted about PS4 Xplorer it was on version 1.05, that was just a little over a week ago and today we see the release of version 1.09. This version add's .json support which was suggested by @TOXXIC407 as well as a lot more language translations, full change log: supported .json files (@TOXXIC_407 idea) added: Persian by @SCORPION1399 Russian by @nikita_krapivin Turkish by KemalSanli Polish by Bandzior Swedish by ? Catalan by @pplatoonn Danish by @Robhood19_ Greek by ? Indonesian by @Dhadan_M
  13. ESP8266-PS4Exploit v0.03 (BASIC) What's New This "BASIC" version contains the required basics such as: AppUSB DISC DUMPER FTP FTP+RW (FULL PORT) MIRA+HEN+VR 1.8 HEN 1.8 + VR HEN 1.7 + VR HEN 1.8 VR ENABLER AVATAR DUMPER AVATAR INJECTOR DiscDump5XX credit: HEN 1.8 by ZECOXAO HEN 1.7 by xVortex APPTOUSB by Stooged DUMPER by xVortex HEN 1.8 + VR by Stooged HEN 1.7 + VR by Stooged HEN 1.8+VR+MIRA by DEFAULTDNB DISC DUMP by Stooged AVATAR FUMPER by Red-J AVATAR INJECTOR by Red-J
  14. In the past twenty four hours @pearlxcore has released version 2 and version 3 of his PKG Tool GUI. Here are the changes in these versions: v3 now pkg labeled with its category (game/patch/addon) preventing error while renaming v2 Add name format selection Source/Download
  15. Lapy has released a new update for his stunning PS4 file manager, the biggest change in this version is it's name, the Homebrew formerly known as Windows Explorer is now known as PS4-Xplorer, here are the changes in this version: 1.05 change log: change the name to PS4-Xplorer. black list the folder "/dev" and "mnt/sandbox/pfsmnt/" to avoid problems. The options in these folders will not be opened. mark in green the folders towards the usb to facilitate the way to the less advanced users. shortcut to usb0 with Left DPad and to usb1 with Right DPad.
  16. Lapy the developer of Save The Scene and El Pollo games has released a homebrew application and despite its strange name, it is actually a PS4 Homebrew. Windows Explorer is a file manager for the PS4, it lets you do a whole bunch of file management with actions such as the ability to copy, paste and delete files, you can also listen your favourite music directly from the application whilst you are browsing your files and you can also use it as an image viewer, here is a quote from the developer: As stated in the title, this homebrew is a Beta and as such has some p
  17. There are a few ways of installing homebrew applications on the PS4, we can use a Thumb Drive/External HDD and we can use @flatz remote PKG method which @TOXXIC407 has utilised to make a homebrew store, both these methods require some sort of external addition, USB of course is the Thumb Drive and Toxxic's PS Store require external access via a PC/Tablet/Phone. @LightningMods_ tweeted about an application he was working on Twitter last week: Store is a homebrew store created with Liborbis and lets you download homebrew directly to your PS4 without any additio
  18. @DEFAULTDNB has released version 1.5.5 of X-Project, for those of you who have been living in a cave for the past year, X-Project is an easy to use exploit host software that you either run on your PC, upload to your public webserver or install on your ESP8266 Wi-Fi device X-Project's user interface looks like the PS3's XMB and lets you do a whole bunch of awesome things, such as run various different versions of HEN, block firmware updates, dump games, install Linux and much, much more, here is a list of what is new or changes in this version: Triple version bump due
  19. ChendoChap has updated his PS4 application PS4 Save Mounter to version 1.5, this software lets you mount your game saves with Read/Write permission. With PS4 Save Mounter you can make decrypted copies of any game saves, as long as those saves are grabbed on firmware 5.05 and below, you can use other peoples game saves and replace your saves with modified ones, here are the changes in this version. v1.5 Changelog removed process selection (everything mounts through shellui) added function to detect games with saves (shellcode-is
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