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Found 2 results

  1. You can now easily create your own playable PS2 game discs, thanks to this GUI by Jabu, here is a quote from the ReadMe: Changelog: v0.3 -fixed some code -you can now drag isos onto the exe without the app crashing v0.2 -added a readme -added drag n drop support -added PS2 Stuffs Mode( 2x--> ...) -fixed some internal code v0.1 -initial release If you need help on how to convert DVD or CD based games, follow this tutorial by MrMario Source
  2. root670 released an update for CheatDevicePS2 which is a Game Enhancer quite similar to the Action Replay cheat devices for the PS2, here is a list of the changes: Bug fixes Fix hang when attempting to open TXT cheat database that doesn't exist. Fix grey bar at bottom of the screen on PAL displays. Fix several TXT cheat database parsing bugs (15-character long game titles with a space at index 8 being parsed as a cheat title, last code line in cheat file being parsed as a cheat title if it wasn't followed by a newline, etc.). Fix incorrect replacement of L2 with {L1} in many places in the bundled cheat database. Miscellaneous Improvements Use updated usbd.irx, usbhdfs.irx, and iomanX.irx drivers from PS2SDK. This should improve device compatibility and reliability. Use non-interactive shell when using docker-make.sh. Travis-CI integration to verify successful compilation. Refactor game save code into src/saveformats. Many code formatting improvements/cleanups. Tidy up several UI elements with improvements to alignment and overall consistency. Refactor much of the rendering code. Ignore case when checking file extensions. Verify CBS files before adding to save list. Add .editorconfig Source/Download
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