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Found 3 results

  1. Another week and another update of Autoplugin by @TheheroGAC , this update brings the version to 3.79 and add's H-Encore 2 plugin, as well as Russian and Turkish translations. Download/Source
  2. Developer TheFlow has released H-Encore 2.0 for PlayStation Vita's with firmware 3.65, 3.67 and 3.68. This hack allows you to run HENkaku / taiHEN on consoles with a firmware higher than 3.60 (original HENkaku). Also possible: Are you already using H-Encore? You can use Modoru to downgrade the console to firmware 3.60 and install Ensõ (video guide here). What does H-Encore 2.0 bring? From now on you have the ability to automatically exit and bypass the bootstrap menu. You can force launching the bootstrap menu by holding R while starting H-Encore. In addition, you can personalize save data to get rid of the trophy warning. The spoofer has been changed to 3.70 and the kernel ROP chain uses less and better gadgets. What can I do after installing and / or executing H-Encore? You can personalize your Vita by using plugins You can play games for all firmwares (reF00D) You can use SD2Vita You can intall and run homebrew (duh) You can use Modoru to downgrade to a lower firmware version I have written some guides on ConsoleHax.com: https://www.consolehax.com/guides-psvita/ What do I need to hack my Vita / TV? A PC (Linux / Windows) A PS Vita / TV with firmware 3.65 , 3.67 or 3.68 An official Vita Memory Card when you have an OLED / 1K console. Vita Slim and Vita TV can make use of the internal memory. If there is a lower firmware such as 3.61 or 3.63 installed on your console, it goes without saying that you can NOT update the console the usual way. You can however make use of a DNS, see the following guide: https://www.consolehax.com/guides-psvita-365/ SOURCE: Twitter VIA: ConsoleHax.com
  3. devnoname has released version 1.0 of his PS Vita homebrew plugin VitaBright, this update brings support to PS Vita models with LCD screen as well as fixing an issue with brightness jumping after inactivity. Source/Download
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