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Found 4 results

  1. https://mega.nz/#!1w9zCD4b!9AOk9eIagVdg4bboP78q-WtqENZpy4v_PTfWFZh_xlw so this was given to me a while back and i think now it's the right time to share it with people, because of the news of a wii u backup loader. this is in brazilian so it needs a translation. i have no idea if it works so it stays at your own judgement to try, but at least it doesn't involve stupid things like NOR flashing on PS4.
  2. hey ya felas, i have been question about installing Kodi,XMBC on a ps3 since i know they dont have an app to do so (like showtime and such) i was thinking about a different way to install this 2 Programs, which was installing an linux os on the ps3, back than i remmber it was possible to install an os on the ps3 but i didnt have the time and the resource how to do it... (since i dont know where to start and where to look) right now i own a ps3 2.5k V4.70 CFW jailbroken one, first, i would like to know if its possible to install an other os such ubuntu 14.04 on the ps3 (or another OS) on a 4
  3. Hey guys can anyone tell me a proxy app that works on linux that do the same things as PSX Downloader Help or SKFU's Proxy??? Thanks!!!
  4. Hey guys, I'm trying to get otheros++ back up and running, but when my ps3's hdd crashed, I lost all the needed tools. All the otheros++ stuff has been removed from their website and gitbrew.org is offline. I haven't installed otheros++ in many years, but I'd like to get it up and running, so, anyone got copies of the needed tools? Otheros++ prep tool by rebug, Boot otheros++ by rebug, and setup_flash_for_otheros.pkg, dtbImage.ps3.bin, install_otheros.pkg, reboot.pkg, create_hdd_region.sh, hdd_access.sh that used to be up on gitbrew would be awesome... thanks!
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