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Found 1 result

  1. I think there is no point of holding my 1.01 build. Here is an updated version of DARKNET COBRA 4.65 4.65 DARKNET CEX v1.01 [COBRA EDITION] by Joonie Release date 4.65 DARKNET CEX v1.00 - 09/15/2014 DARKNET_COBRA_CEX_4.65_v1.00.PUP 196.0 MB (205,479,952 bytes) MD5 : 53bbf92d0fe5315526702319e6afdc42 4.65 DARKNET CEX v1.01 - 09/24/2014 DARKNET_COBRA_CEX_4.65_v1.01.PUP 202.2 MB (211,991,056 bytes) MD5 : 894018749dc6e2edaadf9a3f27490a74 *Change log* 1. PS2 EMU swap with original files supported [For wireless connectivity on non-bc consoles via PS2Classic method] 2. PSP ISO compatibility is improved by using old 4.55 PSP Emulator. PSP ISO Compatibility is now equal to the previous Cobra CFW builds. [4.46/4.53/4.55] 3. Improved system stability with fixed lv2 function offsets, however it did not seem to have issues on previous build, although some reported that 1.01 solved their random crash issues with certain homebrew. DOWNLOAD DARKNET_COBRA_CEX_4.65_v1.01.PUP Source code as of 09/24/14 4.65 DARKNET CEX v1.00 [COBRA EDITION] by Joonie Release date 09/15/2014 This is a mod version of DARKNET CEX 4.65 v1.02 FINAL FIX. New added features are below 1. COBRA 7.00 Feature Added 2. Toggle Cobra is supported by IRISMAN/GAMESONIC/WebMAN 3. Habib's anti-ode fix is applied in lv2kernel that fixes the issue with launching games when bootdisc is inserted. [special thanks to @smhabib for his awesome work 4. Trophy patches from 1.02 FINAL FIX are removed to prevent potential issues. DARKNET_COBRA_CEX_4.65_v1.00.PUP 196.0 MB (205,479,952 bytes) MD5 : 53bbf92d0fe5315526702319e6afdc42 196.0 MB (205,479,952 bytes) Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download/l2gs6os3k689g3i/DARKNET_COBRA_CEX_4.65_v1.00.PUP Source Code : http://www.mediafire.com/download/72ar3tilyno5q9m/Cobra4.65_source_for_all_by_Joonie.zip * My work has started from the open source code, so therefore I strongly feel sharing my work to everyone is needed to offer better opportunities for more developers who are interested in making better versions FEATURES: 1. Properly built from OFW 4.65 2. INSTALL PACKAGE FILES and APP_HOME 3. ReactPSN compatiblity 4. Patched LV0 to disable ECDSA check of CoreOS 5. Patched LV2 to add PEEK/POKE 6. Patched LV1 to disable LV2 Protection 7. Patched LV1 to add PEEK/ POKE 8. Games signed with keys up to 4.65 Supported 9. Can be updated over ANY CFW. 10. Can be updated over 3.55 OFW 11. RSOD bypass [installation only] 12. ReactPSN Offline patch added 13. PSP Remaster / Minis supported added 14. QA FLAG Enabled by Default if it was previously applied 15. Enhanced Remote play with PC 16. Cinavia Protection Fully Disabled [special Thanks to Habib] 17. COBRA 7.00 Feature Added 18. Toggle Cobra is supported by IRISMAN/GAMESONIC/WebMAN 19. Habib's anti-ode fix is applied in lv2kernel that fixes the issue with launching games when bootdisc is inserted. 20. In Screen game shot supported *NOTE - Only minimal sprx patches are applied since those are obsolete because those were already pre-applied when CFW was built. This will minimize usage of LV2 Kernel memory which its temperature decrease is expected. No more XMB spinning bug, so no need Showtime installation to fix that issue. - PSP ISO compatibility may have been decreased, from my test results its compatibility is not as good as previous Cobra build, and However, PSP Remastered/Minis PKG won't have this problem. This is only ISO compatibility, currently investigating the issue, this will be improved from next build. - PS2 ISO compatibility BC/Semi BC consoles are supported, but it has a little glitch bug where you cannot see anything when pressing PS Button, however you can still quit games still, just use D-PAD to select the quit game then exits to xmb. And Wireless connectivity is also supported. Since BC/Semi BC console use the same ps2 emu for both ISO/PS2Classic You can use save files for both mode, but Non-BC console will have to use different save files per mode. Non-BC consoles Wired controller is supported at the moment, and special thanks to @smhabib for his tip for patching ps2_netemu.self properly. Tested homebrews IRISMAN 3.29 GameSonic 3.23 mmCM 4.60 [Version displays as 0.00 version but it still works] webMAN 1.30.25 Tested Consoles CECHA01 CECHB01 CECHC01 CECHE05 CECHL05 CECH-2001B CECH-2005A CECH-2105A CECH-2101A CECH-2504A CECH-2505A Special thanks Aldo Vargas, Darkjiros, Haxxxen, Smhabib, Team Cobra, Unknown Cobra USB dev and All testers of playstationhax.xyz , Darkiris.NET, Gamesonic.it , psx-scene.com ,biteyourconsole.net,and Openmodding.net
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