Sorry PS Vita But No One Cares About You

It should be clear for those of you who aren’t hardcore fanboy freaks, that Sony are lazy cunts and give up on something if they do not see the point of working on it anymore, there are so many example that i could post about, such as the recent discontinuation of the PlayStation TV.


There were rumours flying around last week that the PS Vita was being discontinued in parts of Europe, due to retailers not restocking, now these same type of rumours have come to North America, as it seems certain retailers are no longer restocking the console.




Now this does not mean that Sony are actually discontinuing the device, it basically means that retailers can see that Sony don’t give a fuck about it any more and are choosing to simply not restock it.


The Vita and PlayStation TV could have been awesome devices, but Sony’s incompetence and lack of understanding, severely fucked both devices up.

Dutch Rumour

North American Rumour


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