Sony’s MPV Get No Love As Program Is Axed

Sony really love starting shit, then getting bored and not giving a fuck about it, so many examples can be given, PS Home, Folding@Home, PlayStation TV, the list could just go on and on and on.





The latest added to the list of shit Sony don’t give a fuck about anymore is the MVP program, which gave a select few PlayStation owners access to certain things like earlier Beta’s than the public, they even had their own private forum where they could circle jerk, i would have loved to have been part of that circle, i just never got around to signing up, on the account that i am a lazy shit.


A member of MVP posted a quote from a post to the NeoGaf forum:


As of Monday, April 18, PlayStation will no longer actively support the MVP Program. We want to thank you for your participation in the program and your enthusiasm in making PlayStation the best place to play. We will continue to explore ways to empower the vibrant PlayStation community across our on-console and digital ecosystem. 


I think it is sad for those that were part of it, its like saying ”’fuck you for helping us do this shit, but we don’t care about this shit, so fuck off and go something else, perhaps we will start some other pointless shit for you to join and then fuck you with in the future”’.




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