Sony Servers Breached Last Year

I remember a few times last year, the PlayStation Network suffered some unexplained outages, we don’t know much about these outages, but perhaps an article on Bloomberg explains it, or perhaps it is in no way connected.

Bloomberg claims that Sony knew of an infiltration on its servers a year ago, yet they did nothing, which comes as no surprise, as they were warned by several people that their PSN networks were vulnerable at least a year before the hack in 2011, two people that spoke of such vulnerabilities on PSN were SKFU and madshaun1984, as we all know now, Sony ignored all those warnings, which resulted in the big PSN hack.

Sony Servers Breached Last Year

And it looks like the company just doesn’t learn, here is a quote from the source:

Sony Corp. was warned about a year ago that hackers had infiltrated its network and were stealing gigabytes of data several times a week, underscoring a pattern of lapses predating a recent attack that has spilled Sony Pictures’ secrets onto the Internet.

The hackers, who haven’t been identified, sifted in late 2013 through data from the company’s network, encrypted the information to cover their tracks and mined it on a regular schedule, said a person familiar with Sony’s investigation of the breach who asked not to be named because the findings are confidential.

Here is something else that some of you might find interesting:

In the most recent indication of Sony’s vulnerability, hackers since early December have been releasing sensitive information from the company’s Sony Pictures unit, including on salaries, employee health data and racially tinged e-mail banter over U.S. President Barack Obama’s taste in movies.

Another leak showed that Sony Chief Executive Officer Kazuo Hirai approved a scene in the coming movie “The Interview” that depicted the fictional assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The exact same guy that was in charge of SCEA when PSN was hacked.


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