Sony Looking For Someone To Work With Microsoft DRM

Back in 2011 Sony licensed Microsofts DRM PlayReady and today they advertised a Job Vacancy, looking for a Principal Engineer specializing in PlayReady.

Here is some information on PlayReady via Wikipedia:

PlayReady is a content protection technology from Microsoft that includes encryption, output protection and Digital Rights Management (DRM). It was announced in February 2007.[1]

The main differences relative to previous DRM schemes from Microsoft are:

  • Some popular features that were already present in other DRM schemes in the market have been added; these include the concept of domain (group of devices belonging to the same user which can share the same licenses), Embedded Licenses (licenses that are embedded in the content files, avoiding a separate step for license acquisition) and envelopes (the ability to DRM arbitrary, potentially non-media content). It is also the protection scheme for IIS Smooth Streaming, Microsoft’s adaptive streaming technology.
  • It is platform independent: unlike other Microsoft DRM schemes like Janus, PlayReady can be ported to any kind of portable device, even if it uses non-Microsoft technology (OS, codecs, media player, etc.). But Microsoft has never developed or released a version of its PlayReady DRM for any open Linux distribution.

PlayReady competes with other proprietary DRM schemes and even more with DRM-free software, most notably Apple’s FairPlay introduced in iTunes and QuickTime. There are several other DRM schemes that are competing to become the dominant DRM technology (e.g. OMA DRM).

And here is a quote from the vacancy:

The primary role involves securing a well-known DRM solution to be used on PLAYSTATION®3, PlayStation®4 and PSVita™ for multimedia applications. You will be part of a small team composed of other software engineers based in London. You will work with this team to enhance the implementation and support integration. This is a contract role with the possibility to extend its duration.


• Porting and securing of software components on multiple platforms such as PLAYSTATION®3, PlayStation®4 and PSVita™.

• Keeping implementation on target to meet a tight schedule

• Supporting the integration of software components with client applications being designed and implemented on parallel schedules


The following skills are required for the role:

• Advanced knowledge in C/C++ with at least 3 years’ experience

• Advanced knowledge in security models and encryption systems

• Good knowledge in any software configuration management systems

• Ability to work to strict deadlines without direct supervision


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