Well it seems the old site that i used to run, moderate and write news for is orchestrating a smear campaign against me, why ?
To undermine all and any work i have done, to discredit me.
This is possibly a dedicated plan laid down by hellsing9, who basically spoke me into stepping down, so this plan of events could happen, i have no proof of this though, but the reason im stating this, is because he promised not once, byt several times that he would step down if i did, yet he got himself a nice promotion

Now i don’t give a fuck about being banned nor do i care that i’m no longer part of the forum, why should i care ?
The admin wont fix shit, he rarely posts, he NEVER makes him friendly with his members, the members that give him a nice fat pay check.

I am just posting this to set the record straight.

Now you are probably wondering what i’m talking about:

“He would ban people so they couldn’t properly defend themselves.”

  • Ironic that BobbyBangin would say something like this, considering that he banned me from PS3HaX before i could defend myself, a ban which included threats of physical violence, he then blocked me on Twitter, because he was too cowardly to respond to me.
  • Regarding the claim, it is a total lie, i was against banning and on numerous occasions i berated hellsing9 for banning people, i preferred arguing out the point with the member and coming to some sort of agreement so that they wouldn’t be banned.

“He would change their thread titles and posts just because he could.”

  • I don’t deny changing thread titles, i done it to many members who were there just to troll, i did the same with their posts, adding something along the lines of them having sand in their vagina.
  • The thing is i was not and am not the only staff member to have done this, hellsing9 and Bobbybangin have both done this.

“He accused people of being gay and child molesters, called members all kinds of names, deleted posts, edited signatures, changed custom titles and generally dragged memeber’s names through the mud as often as he could because he’s a troll.”

  • I NEVER accused members of being gay, yes i did use the derogatory word “faggot” a lot, but that is not accusing anyone of being gay, that is just childish name calling.
  • I called ONE person a child molester and that member was Senaxx, for something he did in his private life, which involved physical assault on someone, was it wrong of me to call him a child molester, of course it was, it was childish and immature, but i was feuding with him at the time, i regret saying those things to him, but i have never claimed to be a mature person.
  • I rarely deleted posts, i fucking hated post being deleted, however Bobbybangin does.
  • I NEVER edited signatures, unless it was needed to be done so because of rule violations, so this is a lie, a cowardly lie.
  • I NEVER changed custom titles, it is something i couldn’t do, i did not have the privileges nor the ability to do so, so yet ANOTHER lie.
  • If i was so bad to members, why did it take three years and me not being a staff member and being banned in order for Bobbybangin to do and say something ?

“He posted people’s private info, made memes about them, launched twitter smear campaigns, all the while hiding behind his persona.”

  • I never posted anyone’s “private” info, i posted what was easily obtainable via Google, anyone with the ability to use a search engine has this ability and if it can be found via a search engine, then it isn’t private info.
  • Yes, i ranted on Twitter about people, but anything i did or said was the truth and to the point, something which got people pissed off, but if you cant hack the truth, then you have a problem.
  • Persona ? what persona ? what you see online is what you get in real life, im an asshole online just as much as i am in real life.

“He single handedly chased away numerous devs from the site.”

  • I wouldn’t say numerous, three, maybe and they ran away, i am personally responsible for many of the “homebrew developers” having their titles on PS3HaX, because i PM’d Pirate requesting the be added, otherwise many of them would never have had the position on the forum.
  • deank – left because i constantly harassed him for working and releasing his multiMAN software to the Cobra USB team, i consider this a lame action on his part, as multiMAN would never have existed if it hadn’t of been for Open Manager which was a free open source backup manager.
  • aldostoools – aldos left because he was butthurt over the fact that a PS3HaX member called gave him constructive criticism on how to improve his app, if i for him to leave, it was because i wouldnt ban .
  • harryoke and bubba – Whilst i like both these guys, they arent devs, far from it, they are just ordinary people who get free consoles and ODDES to promote for ODDE companies and i had nothing to do with them leaving.

“There is no way this site could have progressed any further than it did with him around and I’m glad he’s gone. He gave a lot to the site, but was equally detrimental to it’s growth.”

  • The site couldn’t progress, because the admin is unwilling to make it progress, unwilling to fix problems, unwilling to do anything that he is clearly incapable of doing, that has nothing to do with me.
  • Yes i gave a shit load to the site, more to the site, than ALL admins and staff members combined, numerous tutorials, numerous news stories, numerous help articles, all the competitions i did, where from my own pocket, i spent my own money on doing these and they were real and not fake competitions.
  • I am detrimental to the site, yet i was responsible fro bringing member’s and devs to the site, because of me keeping the site alive during the extremely dry periods, PS3HaX was able to build up over 200,000 members even before Bobbybangin joined the site.

Bobbybangin i will give him credit, he now holds the ePeen award for banning GregoryRasputin from PS3HaX, something which no one else, not even the owner managed to do, enjoy your ePeen award.

Ask yourself why, BobbyBlunt, TheLostDeathKnight(TLDK), pbanj and Pockets69 have all left PS3HaX, it definately wasn’t because of me, i fell out with pbanj and TLDK because they left, but all those i have mentioned left because of PS3HaX’s admin’s lack of work on the site, for instance the spam bot problem, Pirate refused to fix the spam bot problem, because it helped him grow the member base, these is only one if the reason they left.

Now if these smear campaigns continue, if these personal attacks continue,  i will be forced to reveal some of the inner workings of PS3HaX.

  • Like which competitions made before i joined the site, where bogus competitions in order to to try to get members.
  • Which dongle manufacturer was ripped of by the administration.
  • And which sites were hacked by certain members of the PS3HaX team, whilst the administration had full knowledge.
  • And much, much more.

I humbly request that any developer, who is on that PS3HaX, move to another site, PSX-Scene for example, where you will be appreciated, where you will be respected and awarded for your work and accomplishments and if you don’t want to go to PSX-Scene, i will give you editor position on PlayStationHaX so that you can self publish your own applications and homebrew.

lol yet more lies by Bobbybangin, all whilst being banned and unable to defend myself on the forum, i must admit the coward in his is strong:

Yes, everybody is entitled to their opinion. For one, he just started off with some “time off”. He made three separate posts slandering members and staff, myself amongst them, that were reported, BEFORE any action was taken.

Slander insinuate lies were told, which is not what happened at all, Bobbybangin was upset i called him out on wanting Annelies back as a moderator, there is nothing i said about Annelies that was untrue.

I personally banned him for calling me a “child murdering fagg*t” among several other insults that he hurled.

This is 100% untrue, i never called him a child murdering faggot, not once, what i did say, was that he loved the people who murdered children, ie, the Israeli’s, after all the context of the thread was the evil destruction of Palestine by the terrorist nation Israel, you can see the post here:

Then he came back harassing people,

Yet more lies, i didn’t harass anyone, apart from Bobbybangin, i did not harass or attack anyone else.

posting private info as public etc.

More lies yet again, i did not post any private info, Bobbybangin uses his name on his public twitter account, i joined the forum with that name to respond to the bullshit he was spouting.

He then went on a twitter attack barrage posting lies, slander, memes, insulting my wife, etc.

No, i did not post lies or make any slander, nor did i do any meme’s insulting his wife, i would love to see proof of these wild acusations.

I first joined here, after seeing the way he treated people and thinking to myself, “Holy sh!t, if that dude ever talks to me like that, I’m going to be one banned m’fer”, but he never did, until he took out his frustrations on me.

lol funny, because i pulled him several times for being on bubba’s circle jerk group and lieing about being on it, yet he did nothing, spouted some bullshit via PM.
Oh and look who’s unbanned and back on the forum, indeed its bubba.

I’ve kept quiet and tried to keep the drama away from the forums, but it keeps getting brought here by people who ironically keep screaming about all the “drama”.

That’s another amusing lie, considering the amount of drama thread he participated in since he joined.

As for the state of the site, we have now been consistently averaging twice the daily amount of active members as before.


That’s fine. I have no problem with you posting it, other than the fact that I think it brings him undeserved attention, which is probably what he wanted all along. Why else keep the “Hax” name?

Because of WiiUHaX you dumb fuck…
WiiUHaX which is one of my websites was already well established, for over a year, before i stepped down, i kept the “HaX” name because of that.
Oh and Pirate didn’t create the “HaX” brand, someone else did, the owner of PS3HaX.com, which was registered late 2006, ps3hax.net wasn’t registered until March 2007.

Update 2

Now this is incredibly funny, the idiot claims that post i screen captured above in the first section of this article was in a private forum, seriously how fucking dumb is he, does he not realise that with me banned and not a staff member, that i cant fucking see private threads, seriously, he needs to stop with the steroids, they are frying his brain.

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