Some Small Forum Changes – May 2015

Ok i have made some small changes to member groups, userbars and rank custom member title/pips.

User Groups

As we are getting more and more members, i thought i would change some things up, before we had the user groups

  • Members
  • Founding Members
  • Elite Sceners
  • Developers
  • V.I.P
  • Moderators
  • Super Moderators
  • News Editor
  • Gay Cukold
  • Administrators
  • Members have been changed to New Member, someone with between 0 and 9 posts.
  • Regular Member has been added, someone with between 10 and 299 posts.
  • Senior Member has been added, this is someone who has 300+ posts
  • Finally Scene Contributor has been added, this is for people like zecoxao, who do not like to be labelled as a developer, but in my opinion deserves the same type of respect as a developer as they are someone who has contributed a great deal to the scene, but hasn’t actually developer any software.

If anyone of the Developers want the title of Scene Contributor instead of Developer, just say so

User Bars

Well i did like the old ones, but i couldn’t find the .psd to edit and create the new user groups and the .psd i grabbed from the website i got them from before won’t let me edit it, so i changed them to these:


If i am being honest, i do not particularly like them, but i suck at creating cool images, so this was easiest for me, if anyone want to suggest or create some nice User Bars, feel free to do so :)


The Rank thing won’t really matter to you if you use a custom user title, they are the default user title given to members, so if you change your user title, this won’t mean anything to you, i have changed the default ones slightly and added new ones:


If anyone has any suggestions or would like anything else on the forum, feel free to ask.

On another note, a software upgrade has been released for the forum software, so i will be upgrading, the only problem is that Tapatalk members might see some problems, though they may not, if the forum breaks when upgrading, remember as always to blame Lucif3r :)

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