[Released] Sen enabler v 5.7.1 by Evilnat

Below was written and posted by franzes80 on the forums:

The developer Evilnat has released a new update of Sen Enabler v 5.7.1 by adding support at 4.66 and future cfw

From psx-place:

SEN Enabler is a multifunctional PS3 homebrew tool that assists in accessing Sony’s PlayStation Network for online gaming on custom firmware. The tool also clears your PS3 history files that are sent to Sony’s severs upon PSN login and hides certain custom firmware files. You can also patch your consoleID. Here is a list of all its features.


Added compatibility with CFW 4.66 NORMAL/REBUG/COBRA (future CFWs)

Added option to restore IDs (ConsoleID and PSID)

Fixed french language (Thanks to winch03200)





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