#SD2Vita Card Adapter From @CentrinoUK – #HENkaku

I am sure most of you know by now that the ability to put a microSD card in your PS Vita via an adapter is now a possibility, there are several people creating these adpters, @centrino is one of these people, he is UK based but will post worldwide.


Here is a quote from his eBay page:

Sd2vita adapter card to use the vita game card slot

Works on fw 3.60 only

This batch will be posted in approx 14 days. Waiting on componants to arrive.

If you commit to buy you are agreeing to the posting times. I will be fitting the sockets as soon as they arrive, testing and posting the following day

I’d be very grateful if you also give feedback on my Twitter @centrinouk

Thanks everyone

I have seen his work over the past few weeks and he has brought several PS Vita’s back from being unusable bricks to usable devices, he is great with hardware;

To buy his adapter, click this link


Visit the forum for more help:
#SD2Vita Card Adapter From @CentrinoUK – #HENkaku

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