Scene Idiot Leaks Some Confidential PS4 Shit

You know the popular scene idiot @xxmcvapourxx , seems he has been dumb again and leaked stuff that wasn’t his to leak, though it has gotten the local scene dump(PS3/PS4news) all excited, so excited that they called vapour a ‘PlayStation 4 Developer’.

Scene Idiot Leaks Some Confidential PS4 Shit

Here is some of the shitty IRC Log:

[vapour] guess cturt gone off the scene oh damn
[HelsAngel] what do you mean
[vapour] well i’ve messaged him on twitter few times but not reply i have something for him…i gave him a few goodies a while back..
[HelsAngel] ah maybe hes taking a small break
[ZiL0G80] give me kernel exploit i have code exec too
[fearface_] On another note, I have two broken SAA-001, whoever pays for the shipping can have them
[vapour] why would you need a kernal i gave him a key already that will help him out…
[droogie] I’ll take them both
[vapour] it’s all in the documents i gave him
[fearface_] ?
[droogie] fearface_: I’ll take them off your hands
[droogie] vapour: mind sharing?
[vapour] no sorry only people i know…
[vapour] i trust
[vapour] and if you want sharing ask cturt
[fearface_] droogie: Can you arrange shipping from Zurich, I can give you the pick up address and you organise DHL/FedEx or whatever is the chepeast.
[vapour] HelsAngel can you do me a favour when he comes on ask him to reply to my email on twitter ive sent him a new link..
[HelsAngel] i could say yes but chances of me forgetting are high
[vapour] its fine thanks
[vapour] i’ll give it to zecoxao and he can give it to others
[HelsAngel] i bet he will be back though and reply to you
[vapour] im sure he will.thanks
[vapour] so here is the pkg passcode to protect files : 2GHPoQlC60u2fknmepZ2W7K5fPPK_eC if you want the bat files to decrypt and encrypt pkg it’s a 32bit ascii
[vapour] I have a a small penis
[vapour] i think it’s useless i dont need them anymore..
[vapour] but you can find a exploit from this.
[ZiL0G80] nice
[HelsAngel] oh nice one
[vapour] you might as well have the passcode fingerprint key for the ps4 bd rom 91751ddbdf9606c618a1ede59138bab486d03556fae858f1cbd678ff633273fd
[vapour] seCpgdgr8cEyESHKRmcRNnVo8R-UTSuz
[vapour] I need to do something to make it bigger
[droogie] do you have the key for the encrypted flash ?
[vapour] Here is some shit that does not belong to me, NOW STROKE MY TINY ePenis AND MAKE IT BIGGER
[vapour] that’s the only key’s ive got so far sorry i dont.
[fearface_] Thanks for sharing!
[HelsAngel] yeah thanks alot
[vapour] no worries i dont need them any more.


Thanks for the tip Gamesonic

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