SCEA Being Sued Over Music Theft

Zenbu Magazines LLC have filed a lawsuit against Sony Computer Entertainment America, claiming that Sony have been using songs that do not belong to them.

The songs that are from the late 1960’s to early 1970’s, have been used on Sony’s Music Unlimited service, here is a quote from the court document:

SCEA Being Sued Over Music Theft

In order to stream music recordings to the public, Sony has reproduced and copied, and continues to reproduce and copy, pre-1972 sound recordings, including to one or more servers and storage devices, and uses technology or systems that result in a copy of pre-1972 recordings being distributed to its subscribers’ computers or storage devices.

Sony is aware that it does not have any license, right, or authority to reproduce, perform, distribute, or otherwise exploit via Music Unlimited any pre-1972 sound recordings, including the Zenbu Recordings.

Sony is also aware which of the recordings it reproduces, performs, and distributes or otherwise exploits via the Music Unlimited are pre-1972 sound recordings.

Zenbu seeks to represent a class comprised of all owners of sound recordings of musical performances that initially were “fixed” (i.e., recorded) prior to February 15, 1972, which sound recordings were reproduced, performed, distributed, and/or otherwise exploited by Sony via its Sony Music service, and for which Sony was not authorized or licensed to reproduce, perform, distribute, or otherwise exploit.

Numerosity – The members in the proposed class are so numerous that individual joinder of all members is impracticable, and the disposition of the claims of all class members in a single action will provide substantial benefits to the parties and Court.


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