SCEA Holding Greatness Awaits Competition

Sony Computer Entertainment America is holding a competition, in which you have to create your own masterpiece, based of some of the worlds most famous paintings, 50 users with the top voted paintings, will receive a custom print of their art, the top 10 voted users will win a PS4, here is a quote from the source:

PlayStation fans can visit to use our new interactive tool to create their own Gamer Masterpiece by selecting their favorite PlayStation characters, background elements, and more from among three different epic paintings. They can then upload an image of their own face as the final character to complete the painting. With the image done, a user can submit their painting to our gallery for votes, download the image, or share directly to social media. If a gamer has one of the top 50 paintings submitted, they will win a custom print of their Gamer Masterpiece, and if they are among the top 10 they will also win a PS4 system.

Source … sterpiece/

And here is my very own masterpiece:

You can discuss it on the forum here.

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