Canadian native Euan Forrester released this awesome web based tool a few months ago, I only noticed it now and I think it could benefit many of you in the console/retro console scene, here is a description from the developers GitHub:

Converter for retro console save files found around the Internet. All common formats for NES/SNES/GBA/N64/TG16/SMS/Genesis/Neo Geo/PS1 supported. Decrypts PSP saves. Converts to and from Retron 5, MiSTer, and flash cartridges

And here are some upcoming features:

*Be able to autodetect the format of a given save file (note that raw files need their size checked, unrecognized size means invalid file)
*PS2 formats (check out for a potential list)
*GameCube formats (check out for a potential list)
*Saturn formats
**Add ability to add/extract a single game’s save to/from a RAM backup, similar to how PS1/N64 work
*What are the 64kB .srm files for SNES etc on Want to extract a ‘normal’ .srm file from them
*I need suggestions!

To visit the site and convert your save files visit here:

Developers GitHub page:

Would be great if one of you awesome YouTubers could check this out and maybe make a video about it 🙂

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