I remember years ago, Microsoft did something a little crazy, they released their Xbox 360, then released an external drive for their HD-DVD discs, I personally believe had they waited and released the console with the drive eternally, then perhaps HD-DVD might have lived a little longer than it did.
Strangely enough, according to a rumour, Sony might be releasing an external Blu-ray Drive for their PS5 consoles, I don’t think this is a bad idea, it means a smaller and lighter console, though will it mean that all PS5’s will in future be digital only and will allow you to add an external Blu-ray drive, will you be able to use any drive or will it be a specific one designed for the PS5, much like the one for the 360?

Anyhow, here is a link to the website with this rumour.

Thanks to Macrike for the tip.

Finally for some reason my mind thought of this when I seen the word detachable:

2 thought on “[Rumour] Sony To Release PS5 With Detachable Disc Drive”
  1. No thanks. I prefer a built in and I am happy with my PS5 with built in. The digital sucks big! Period!

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