[Rumour] PS4 Firmware v2.00 Images Leaked

A website called “BehindGames” have released images, which they claim are from PS4 System Firmware version 1.80, the images show a tweaked UI, the ability to view trophies and respond to invites during game play, here are some of the images:

To view more images, check the source:
Images from the next PS4 system update leaked, Showcasing new design, System notification and more

The comments on the website are quite interesting, with many calling it a fake, the chances of course are that it very well could be an elaborate hoax, if the PS3 has taught me anything, is to trust nothing and label all a rumour until official word has been released.

You can discuss it on PlayStationHaX forum, thanks to franzes80, by clicking here.

Under advice from Euss, i have updated the title to say v2.00, you can check the thread linked above this to see why.

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