[Rumour] PS4 Dildo’s Up In Yo Ass

So woke up this morning, with a shitty stomach, not having ate anything since yesterday morning feeling like shit and what do i see as soon as i hit IRC, @StarMelter with some stupid fucking link with the dumb words ‘PS4 Jailbreak’, you would think people with the ability to inform would use the damn word correctly and address an exploit as an exploit or a hack as a hack, but it seems the only way you grab idiots attentions is by adding the word ‘jailbreak’ to the fucking title.


So @wololo posted some ‘rumours’ on his blog regarding a stupid fucking named piece of shit reDRM device, i can’t even be bothered posting any more about this so called device, but if its real, to the people making it, do me a a favour, stick it up your ass and blow on it, like you know, a whistle >.<


Oh here are the Tweets he/she/it posted before locking the account, the best way to get people to follow you, is to spout some shit about a jailbreak and then lock your account, so idiots will follow you just to see what you say, Google cache is great though:



In my honest opinion, this is some bored idiot, looking for followers and attention.

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