[Rumour] New Xbox One Control Pad Image Leaked ?

Yesterday Microsoft revealed that the would be releasing a revamped control pad for the Xbox One, which is no surprise to me or anyone with a memory, they did exactly the same with the original Xbox, not much is known about the new design, which will probably be officially revealed during E3 2015, what is known is that it will have a 3.5mm headphone jack.


Shortly after it was announced, a retail website called Libro posted it for sale, but later removed the listing, you can view that below:

New Xbox One Control Pad Image Leaked ?



Here is a translated quote from the description of control pad on the site in the picture above:


With the Xbox Wireless Controller One of the players experienced the Action on new way. The pulse trigger give vibrations directly to the fingertips on, so you can feel all the action firsthand. The revised analog sticks and the new D-Pad for maximum precision. The new Xbox One Wireless Controller, which provides 40 new features compared to its award-winning predecessor, the Xbox 360 controller, fits perfectly in your hand, so the fun never stops.



Maximum gaming fun!

You can see and hear the action not only, they can also feel! Is made possible by the pulse trigger that transmit the feedback directly to the fingertips, which enhances the quality of voice transmission when using a compatible headset.

The new expansion port supports higher data transfer rates, which increases the quality of voice transmission when using a compatible headset.


High Precision

  • The D-pad reacts even faster and more precise movements on.
  • The shape of the analog sticks and coating enable very precise movements and high grip.


Greater comfort

  • The design of the controller has been optimized so the accessories even better now lies in the hands.
  • Thanks to the internal batteries / accumulators can hold the controller very well.



Technical Specifications:

  • Delivery: Wireless Controller and (2x) AA batteries
  • 3.5mm jack
  • 10m range
  • Contain additional content
  • Up to eight wireless controllers can be simultaneously connected to the console
  • Menu and View button for easy navigation
  • Seamless Profile and controller-coupling – The Kinect sensor detects infrared Less Controller
  • Expansion Slot for accessories such as the Chat Headset
  • Compatible with the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, the Xbox One stereo headset, the Xbox One Chat Headset and conventional headset with 3.5mm jack.





Here is an image of the control pad and box together:







Microsoft also added this to their website, but later removed it:








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