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A scene flourishes when a console is hacked, there is an almost unlimited amount of news to be posted, but after a year or so news starts to fade away, which is happening with the Vita at the moment, yes there is some news but not as much as say a few months ago, the PS3 scene has slowed to a basic halt and the PS4 scene yoyo’s from being active to non existent.


So in the off time when there is no decent news to post, i will write small reviews on random stuff i buy, others are also welcome to post reviews of stuff they buy if they want, you will see in this section of the forum that i have moved some reviews that were posted a little while ago by @BobbyBlunt and myself.

As this is a gaming forum/scene forum i will try to keep what ever i review gaming related and anything i review will be bought with my own money and not some sponsor, unless i am asked to review something like nudes of @StarMelter or @zecoxao.

Opinions are welcome, tell me if you think this is a good or bad idea.

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