Reversing PlayStation 4 Camera By bigboss

After working on the PS4 camera for over a year, bigboss has released all information about his work on it, here is a quote from the source:

Reversing PlayStation 4 Camera

I have been working with PlayStation 4 Camera since 2013. So i want to share with you all things learned since then.

First of all, if device has not a public/free driver , you need to make reverse engineering and you need to look for information about its chipset and make a research about it. So you need to open the device and look for information about its different chips. After making some research we can show the next high level design diagram:

PlayStation 4 Camera is using a propietary connector called AUX, however it is a USB 3 cable so our first goal was to cut off the AUX connector and connect it to an USB3 male connector, after this we can connect directly to Mac/PC with USB3 female ports. Next step was to get an USB sniffer capture from PlayStation 4 with a beagle device in the middle, without this we could not have learnt about how to initialize the device and their different options.

Check the source for the full write up:
Reversing PlayStation 4 Camera

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