Resident Evil HD: One Gamer’s Review By @BobbyBlunt83

Resident Evil HD: One Gamer's Review
My daughter and I were having the discussion about when Resident Evil games were good. Having grown up in different generation of gaming, it is safe to say that our views are totally different. Her opinion is that 4 was the best, and my opinion was that 2 was the best in the series. I have tried countless times to try and get her to play the older titles with limited success.

Enter the HD remake of the original Resident Evil

I grabbed this game for nostalgia reasons. It has been roughly 16-17 years since I played the original (Director’s Cut) and I never played the Gamecube re release. I must say I believe Capcom did a good job. The options for aspect ratio and control scheme were the first things to really grab my attention. I never realized how bad the controls were in the original game until a few months ago when I tried to go back to play Resident Evil 2, so seeing an alternate control scheme was a huge plus. I did however choose to leave the aspect ratio at 16×9 instead of the classic 4×3. What is the point in a 1080p HD release if you are going to run it in the original aspect ratio?

As most of you know if you choose Chris you start with no gun. My daughter, never having played this game, wanted to play as Jill, but I talked her into playing as Chris. (Insert trollface here) After she died about 3 times trying to kill the first zombie, I finally told her what she needed to do. She proceeded back into the main room to find a weapon. She was still expecting a third person shooter, and she looked a bit disappointed. She kept pushing through and started finding items, but the first time she ran around a corner right into a zombie she wasn’t expecting, she about came clean out of her chair. This is what the newer RE games lack…. real scare tactics. This was before the age of gore being mistaken as a good scare. At this point I could see that she was hooked. Not even 5 minutes before that she wanted to turn the game off because to her “it just wasn’t Resident Evil”

The game is a perfect copy of the Gamecube version, but if you were expecting something different then apparently you cannot read. The lighting in the mansion is very well done, the alternative controls are amazing, and I have ran into very few bugs (so far). There are ways to enable 4k support as well. The game is beautiful and smooth (1080p/60FPS.) The only complaint I have is it feels like a last gen game. Textures could have been even sharper, but this game by no means looks bad. I only say that because it is on the newer consoles as well as the older, and I am not sure what the difference is between the old and the new as far as visuals are concerned.

I really hope they plan on doing a re-release of Resident Evil 2 in the same way. My daughter is enjoying it, and this is a new experience for her. She hasn’t even played half the game yet, but her views on Resident Evil have changed. If you ask her which Resident Evil is best she now answers with “well I haven’t played all of them yet” instead of the answer she used to give about 4,5 and 6 being the best.

If you never played the original you should grab this game. If you have played the original, you should probably still grab this game. The nostalgia is still there, but enhanced for the machines of today. It finally seems as though Capcom is finally getting their heads back in the game. I have mentioned a few times that I hate Capcom, but I don’t really hate Capcom. As a matter of fact, if I look back on my childhood and teenage years, I would have to say that Capcom was my favorite publisher for a good amount of my young life….. now if we can just get them revive Onimusha and MegaMan I would probably stop hating on them so much

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