[Request] Let’s Make Some Nice Blu Ray Java Homebrew :)

Back before the PS3 was “jailbroken”, there was a period of time, where one could utilise the PS3’s Blu Ray Java(BDJ) ability from Blu Ray discs, to allow people to run certain homebrews, from a Thumb Drive, there was even a BDJ Homebrew SDK that was created by PSP developer Freeplayer, but like all things PS3, Sony managed to block the ability via Thumb Drive.

You could still do it via Blu Ray, but discs were a crazy price back then and it would have been incredibly pointless to have a file less than 1MB on a 25GB disc.

But time has changed, discs are cheaper and now we have the PS4, the system should have the ability to run better BDJ applications.

Developer zecoxao created an article on the forum regarding this, here is a quote from his thread:

it’d be nice if we could see some java homebrew on the ps4, since it supports that kind of thing on blurays

does anyone want to make some? i can’t, don’t have myself a bluray burner, but i’d like to see some ports/games/etc

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