Replacing The Li-Ion Cells Of The PSP Battery

Cristi Caciuloiu a PSP owner decided to replace the Li Ion cells on his PSP‘s battery, here is a quote from the PDF:





The following report presents the effort of a PSP fan (that would be me) to keep this old companion

alive. With the Lithium-Ion batteries passing the test of time, it should be known already to everyone

using them that they are likely to suffer significant capacity loss over time. Their life expectancy

depends on many variables including the temperature and the charge level during storage, the number

of full discharge/recharge cycles, the depth of the discharge (the shorter the discharge level, the longer

its life will be), etc. One will have to accept the permanent capacity loss and the need to find a

replacement once the battery starts to provide increasingly shorter energy.

In my case, the battery for the PSP-3004 model held fairly well for at least three years of daily use but

eventually its capacity decreased rather suddenly to around 15-20 minutes. Here are the options one has

today for this problem:





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